Sunday, August 31, 2008

Family Drive Faith

I have recently finished the book called "Family Driven Faith" written by Voddie Baucham.

This book, in my opinion, was outstanding!! What a shock to the traditional church/christian family norm. Though this book is not necessarily a homeschooling book, it is definetly an advocate for home education, as well as the family-integrated church. If you want to be challenged as a parent and christian family this is the book to read. This book is about putting the responsibility of our children's discipling back on the parents (not on the church), Voddie Baucham gives some practical ways to do this as well as his Biblical interpretation of how/why this should be done. While you may not agree with some or all of the philosophy you will find great insight, provocative teaching and must-have family pointers.... okay that's my plug for the book, now a few things that I personally took away:

The Importance of Teaching/Living the Word at Home

Depending on which statistic you read you will find that somewhere between 75-90% of young adults raised in the church will leave the Christian faith by their second year in college. Those numbers are shocking and a tragedy!! I believe, that where we are going wrong is that we are relying far too much on the church to instill a biblical foundation for our children. The nurturing of our children's hearts is repeatedly given to us (the parents) in scripture but never to the "church". (Deut 6:4-9, Psalm 78:5-8, Proverbs 1:7-9, Proverbs 22:6) So why is the primary disciplship of our children going on within the church walls? While I have nothing against sunday school and children's church programs I do have a problem with a child who is taught more about the Bible in church than at home. We must take the responsibility, as our child's parent to raise them with a Biblical worldview. It is NOT the job of the church to instill good values and morals, or to teach our children their Bible stories, etc. It is OUR jobs, as parents. The church is only one tool or help, not the source.

The Importance and Beauty of Family Worship

Worshipping at home as a family, what a beautiful thing! I remember when I first got involved in a women's Bible Study, my friend Jaime, had said (when we were discussing where are children would be) "It is a good thing for our children to see us discussing the word, praying and worshipping together." When we would meet either for our women's bible study or our small group/life group/mini church, the children would generally play in the background. It isn't always easy or without interuption, but it is a good and beautiful thing for our children to be a part of.

More importantly than worshipping with other believers though, is creating a time of worship and spending time in the Word of God as a family. Our children learn primarily through our actions - what better action to mimic than this? Yes, I want my children to see me and realize I do my own quiet time but I also want them to be a part of a DAILY Bible reading and reflection with their family, and to develop this as a habit to pass on to their families (some day).

Family worship is a time to introduce scripture, discuss beliefs and issues; a time for our children to ask questions - with the freedom to respectfully challenge things they may struggle with. Creating the time and atmosphere for prayer and worship within the walls of our home is a truly beautiful and biblical thing.

More... I have so much more I would like to say on this book and the tips I've taken away from it, but I'm out of time for now, I will try to continue more later - However, I recommend you buy or borrow this book for yourself to read - I don't think you will be disappointed!!

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