Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ways to Get Money!

The other day I discovered a search site that combines Google and into 1 called Prize Wish and you get a chance to win Swag Bucks when you search. You use the Swag Bucks to purchase GiftCards from various retailers like Starbucks, and Target.There are a few ways to "win" Swag bucks:
1. Just Search & WinJust search like you normally would do and you have a chance at winning an amount up to $5. If you win, you will see a large Swag Buck with the amount you earned appear and it will automatically post to your account.
2.Shop OnLine & Earn:For every $2 you spend at a Participating retailer, they will give you $1 in Swag Bucks. Some stores listed are Walmart,E Toys, FashionBug and a lot more!
3.Refer Friends & Family:Each time you refer a friend by email, you get to earn Swag Bucks when they search and win! You can earn up to $100 matching Swag bucks per referral!Sounds good?
It doesn't hurt to try it out after all it is Free to register which you will need to do in order to get your Swag Bucks. Also, there is no limit as to how many Swag Bucks you can win, each time you search, you get a chance!If you'd like to sign up through me that would be great, just send me your email address and I'll send you a link! Now I'm off to search for even better things with the hopes of winning some Bucks!! Wish me luck:)

I came across a site called Snapdollars for this site, there is a lot of ways to earn points but the real money comes in the form of referrals. You get $5 for EACH person you refer! The only thing I don't like is the fact that they charge a $3 fee if you request to be paid by check. If you sign up now, you'll get $5 as a sign up bonus and I get $5!! Just click the link to sign up:) I just love when I can get free money!


Anonymous said...

i use its like but you can get the same prizes for less swag bucks at

Amber said...

I went to the swagbucks website and you're right and luckily all of my swagbucks from prizewish transfer over - so for those of you who started on prizewish you can switch to