Friday, September 26, 2008

Kid's Say the Cutest Things

It is a fun time now that Treyton is talking better. Tim and I get the enjoyment and laughter that comes along with trying to understand and follow what is going on in our little man's head!! It's awesome! Below are a few conversations that have happened in the last few days.

Story #1: Too Cute

Today, I laid the baby in the crib and was standing there talking and making faces to make her smile & laugh, and like he usually does, Treyton crawled into the crib and was sitting next to her. I continued my conversation with Alexa that went something like "You so pretty, yes you are, you're a beautiful princess!" He watched me for a while and then he leaned over her (so that she could see his face) and said (in a matching high pitched voice),

"Baby, You so Tute (that means cute)"

I said "The baby thinks your cute, too"

He looked at me, then he looked back and the baby and said "Me, Tute, too?" and took his hand and helped her nod in agreement.

Story #2: Happy Baby
At another time, we were sitting on the couch; I had Alexa up on my knees and Treyton was sitting next to me, we were reading some books when Alexa decided she had some things to say. She cooed quite a bit and I said "What a happy baby you are!!" after Alexa had calmed down some, we went back to reading our book but not for long.... mid sentence Treyton leaned over pushed up Alexa's cheeks and said "Baby Happy, right mommy?!"

Story #3: So Funny!
Lately, Treyton has been pretending alot more and one of his favorite games is to pretend we are other people. Today, I was "Mommer" (Grandma), He was "Papa" (Grandpa) and Tim was "Sawyer" (Sawyer is Treyton's cousin who is 6 days older than Alexa). It's pretty unbelievable how far he will go with it. Even when you forget that you're "mommer" that's all he will call you until you respond. Today it lasted for about 2 hours!

Anyhow, we were all on the bed wrestling and he was getting a little carried away and I said, "Woaw, Papa, You need to calm down a little bit, I think you're getting a little carried away"

He through his head back in laughter (totally over-dramatically) laughed for a good 10 seconds looked me straight in the eye and said "Mommer, you so bunny" (which means funny)

Story #4: I'm on the Phone
Yesterday, I caught Treyton talking on the "phone" (a.k.a a calculator up to his ear) while I was on the phone with my dad. He was saying (or trying to) what I was. When I hung up I said "I'll talk to you later, Love ya, Bye" and he said the same thing, removed the phone from his ear, clicked a few "buttons" and put the calculator (I mean phone, down).

Then today, Treyton told me he was hungry and I said, "Today Daddy is bringing lunch home, he will be here soon." A little while later, when I was out of the room, I heard him talking to himself (which is not to unusual) I peaked in and saw him, new "phone" in hand, pretending to call his dad. He punched a few buttons put the phone up to his ear, waited (about 2 seconds) and the conversatin went something like this:
"Daddy, my tummy hurts, me tungy (hungry) bing (bring) food now - Bye!!"
I thought it was so cute that I tried to get him to call Tim for real but we got his voicemail, which Treyton obviously does not understand so instead of talking to him he spent most of the time (1 minute and 7 seconds) going "Daddy! Daddy???" really loudly and waiting for a response!


Connie said...

Thanks for the chuckle!!!

Ashley Skye said...

Oh my goodness how cute is he!! I love hearing these stories it makes me feel like I am missing less of his everyday talking and life. Please keep posting these kinds of things I LOVE IT - they are my favorite ones