Monday, September 22, 2008

Walgreens Steals!!

I took my first trip to Walgreens today as a "couponer" and deal seeker and WOW am I excited!!

Following is the STEALS I walked away with:

~ Crest Mouth Wash $4.49 ($4.50 in Register Rewards)
~ Reach Toothbrushes 2/$5 ($5.00 in Register Rewards)
~ Children's Cough and Cold Dimetapp 2/$10.00 ($10.00 in Register Rewards for Buying 3 + Three $2 off coupons a total of $6.00 off in coupons) *NOTE: You can find the coupons for yourself in my previous post
~ Scrubbing Bubbles Starter Kit $5.49 (Free after Mail in rebate form for)
~ Revlon Nail Color $4.49 (Free after Rebate)
~ Pert Plus Shampoo $3.49 (Free after Rebate + $1.50 off coupon)

My total Out of Pocket (OOP) was $30.46
I got a total of $19.50 in Register Rewards (which are like gift cards that can be used for future purchases) and I am going to receive $13.47 in Rebates

Which means:
I MADE $2.51 plus I received the products!!

Now if you want to get technical I had to pay taxes on my purchases which left me with $0.81 and I will need to mail in one of my rebates which will cost me $0.42 BUT even considering that I MADE $0.39!!!
I am SOOO excited - I am looking forward to next weeks ads and coupons already!


Jessica said...

I learned a hard lesson to swallow at Walgreens last week. Your Register Rewards (RR's) act like manufacturer's coupons, not like gift cards, so therefore you can't use them on ANY purchase...
I had the $4.50 in RR's from the mouthwash that I tried to use to pay for some Huggies last week, but I of course also used a Huggies coupon...therefore it wouldn't take my RR's because it acts like 2 manufacturer's coupons on 1 item. Confused? Me too. I was very bummed when I learned this since I buy almost EVERYTHING with a now I have to figure out how to spend like $10 on RR's without using other coupons...Grrrrr....I had said I was lovin' Walgreens, but now not QUITE as much.
I still love the free after rebate deals and have also made money there, so I won't give up Walgreens altogether!

Anonymous said...

Kara Picker would be the person to talk to about Walgreens - she has that system nailed to a tee and always cashes in on those Register Rewards. I bet she could help you ladies out in how and what you are supposed to use them on.