Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Awesome Website

I don't use my crockpot very often but even I am inspired!!
Visit A Year of Crockpotting for unique and yummy recipes using your crockpot. From what I understand, Stephanie has set out to cook every meal for a year using her crockpot.... wow!
A couple recipes that I would like to try out:
CrockPot Cheeseburger Soup I have a regular Cheeseburger Soup Recipe and we really enjoy it, it would be interesting to see if we like the CrockPot recipe as much.
CrockPot Buffalo Chicken LasagnaThis one just blows my mind.... lasagna in a crockpot!!
CrockPot Flank SteakStuffed with Apple, Feta and Almonds This just sounds like something Tim and I could enjoy and wow.... in the crockpot... seems strange :)

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Jessica said...

I don't think she is doing EVERY meal for the year, just using it every day this year for SOMETHING (whether it is yogurt, soup, a dip, dinner, breakfast, shrinky dinks, or brownies!). I've been subscribed for awhile now, and it's amazing what you can do with a crockpot!!!