Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Online Learning Games

Hey everyone,
Back in the beginning of the summer Treyton and I started playing some cute little educational games on-line, he really liked it but wasn't able to do much at all on his own - which was fine at the time cause it was just the two of us. Once the baby came I wasn't as able to play games with him on-line so he hadn't done any for a while. This week with school we started doing it again and Treyton is loving it!! Right now, the one we primarily use is the fisher price one and that's great so far, but I know that soon enough he will want more - so I'm looking for recommendations - what GOOD (morally and educationaly) websites do you know of or use for your preschool kids to play on.
Oh Yeah and FREE would be nice!
Comment Back and let us all know what you use!


Jessica said...

Starfall.com is the one I always recommend! My girls were playing it again this morning after a hiatus. It teaches letters, letter sounds, sign language for the letters, and then reading! It's great and yes, it is FREE! There are fun games that teach the kids words phonetically, "books" to read as you're learning, and also short little movies that teach some rules (like silent e makes the vowel say it's name and when 2 vowels go walking, the first one does the talking!). Very cute, fun, and educational, and did I mention FREE?!? :-)

For other ideas of how to teach your child to read, go here:

Anonymous said...

sesame street online games (more hs age)
playhouse disney


Tana said...

Yeah, Starfall.com is a really good one. Giovonnie likes it alot. Here are a few other suggestions that you can try: