Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Promised Pictures

So I promised you all pictures and here they are!!! There's a lot of them... I couldn't help it, it was all so memorable.

Playing B-Ball in the Arcade
Swimming in the Wave Pool

The Couple - Mitch & Alana
Me & My Man

Me & Jake (before he shaved his head :))
Making Lexie Laugh
James & Treyton

THe Dry Play Place

Our Awesome Room!!
Sleeping Alexa
Awwww.... they are so cute!

We won 400 tickets on deal or no deal ---- we had the highest case and took it to the end!!

1 comment:

Ashley Skye said...

I love the pictures!! I dont know how you were able to pick only a couple of the pictures but they are great!! It was a very memorable week and I feel blessed to have been apart of it.