Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Family Devotions

We are starting to try to do family devotions - we're not doing much because Treyton doesn't have much attention span ecspecially in the evening after Dad gets home and through dinner.

This week we started going through a book that I just got for us - we have started doing this immediately following dinner and it has worked well for us - mostly because Treyton is a slow eater and Tim and I typically finish way before him and have a little time while he finishes his meal.

I had picked up two books for us to use:
The first one is called "Big Truths for Little Kids: Teaching your child to live for God" it has little catechism type questions that I also learned when I was a kid and then it has stories to read along with it - you don't try to have your kid memorize all the catechism questions the first time through you just pick a few some of them include:
~ Who Made Me? God made me
~ What else did God make? God made all things
~ Why did God make all things? For His own Glory

The other one I got is called "Training Hearts, Teaching Minds" and it is broken down into weeks, each week focusing on one catechism type question, and then has a short daily reading with verses covering the weekly topic.

The first question is "What is Man's Primary Purpose" and the answer "man's primary purpose is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever"
Other Questions include: How is Christ a prophet? What is Sanctification? What does the 4th Commandment forbid?

We started the other night with the "Training Hearts" book, because it was broken down into shorter sections - at this point we are not memorizing the catechism part, but we would like to eventually. I really enjoy both of them so far from just skimming through them and I think that as the kids get older they will spark some really awesome family discussions, and give Tim and I as parents a time to discuss what and why we believe the things we do.

If you don't mind, please share what you do for family devotion time - when do you do it? what do you do? How has this worked for you?


Amydeanne said...

those look like great books! i'm going to have to search them out!

Jessica said...

We read a little bit out of the Bible every night with the kids before bed. We started with John, then the kids wanted to do Genesis, and now we are almost finished with Matthew. We just read one section and explain it at their level.

jaime said...

We read The One Year's Children Bible every night. I like it the stories are short but I don't feel like they are watered down or made cheesy! James even likes to look at the book and have me read from it at other times too. Then we pray together, everyone outloud, before we go to bed.

Lex0307 said...

Amber, it made me smile to find that you remembered the questions - that was the first bible that we did when we started homeschooling and we did so many in the years after that and you were so young then. Just goes to show that what we pour into our children when they are little really does make a difference. The questions were word for word the ones we used, too!