Monday, November 10, 2008

My Little Princess

Alexa is 4 months! I can't even believe it. I seriously know that everyone says this but it does not feel like 4 months even a little bit!

We went to Alexa's 4-month appointment today. She had her shots (there were three different pokes) and was a real trooper. Dad was there this time, so I didn't have to do the hard part of holding her down (which is always a relief).

She weighed in at 15 pounds 6 ounces and was 25 1/2 inches long. She was in the 90th percentile for weight, height, and head.
Looks like things are going well, and she passed all of her milestones.

Chubby Cheeks
One thing that I love about Alexa is that she seriously has the most kissable cheeks I have ever seen, luckily she LOVES to get kisses. She will just smile and laugh when I give her hundreds of kisses in a row (I'm hardly even exagerating here).

People have always commented on her cheeks - since the beginning - but it seems like they have drawn more attention in the last few weeks. We were at church last Wednesday night and we sat in the back because I had forgotten the moby wrap and Alexa doesn't seem to do as well without it. We were in the middle of worship and a lady tapped me on the back (as she was walking by) and said "Your baby has the cutest cheeks I have ever seen on a baby, EVER!" Of course I said "Thank You!"

Then just the other day we ran to the grocery store and a lady stopped us to look at the baby (which I always love :)) First thing she said was "oh, look at those adorable cheeks" which is usually the first thing people say when they see Alexa. Then she said "I just want to squeeze them"..... so she did :0

My mom and I went to Hobby Lobby last week, and on our way in a lady (with her daughter and two friends stopped as they were leaving the store and said "Wow.... look at her cheeks.... she is just beautiful, beautiful.... oh, I love those little cheeks..... so precious" It went on this way for what seemed like an unnatural amount of time - my mom and I smiling and saying "thank you" the compliments and cheek comments never ending.... finally I just started to slowly creep away :) I think after about 3 feet they noticed and finally went on their way (ha, ha).

Treyton refers to Alexa's cheeks as "cheeky's" but a couple times has referred to them as "chunky"

Seriously - her cheeks are priceless and I just love them to pieces - Treyton had big cheeks too, which I'm proud of - I hope all of my kids have big cheeks!

What She is Like
Alexa has the most sweet personality - I cannot even tell you the joy she brings to my day. She LOVES to smile and laugh. And as long as she can see what's going on - she probably is! She doesn't like laying down, tummy time only lasts for about 5 minutes before she is sick of it, she likes her johnny jumper (though not even close to as much as Treyton did), but mostly she just loves people. She is a people watcher and she plays off of others emotions in a way I didn't know was even possible. If there is an underlying excitement in the room sometimes she will just start laughing (even if no one has said anything or made a noise) if there is tension or negative emotions in the room (even if no one has said anything) she will start to get agitated and sometimes start crying. She has become my human tension meter.... I love it, she is very sensitive to the things going on around her.

She absolutely loves to watch her brother and he is one of the few people that she recongnizes at this point. She loves to be tickled ---- she will squeal with such delight! It's so much fun.

She likes her cereal but like Treyton is impatient when it comes to eating, so if you putz around too much in between bites she decides she has better things to do than to sit in a high chair - alone! :)

She is starting to roll over - she easily goes from her back to her side (usually to the right) but will not roll over on her tummy, which is not surprising considering she doesn't like tummy time. She has once gone from her tummy to her back but I don't know which way (I had laid her in her pack n play and when I came back she was rolled over and facing the opposite direction.... who knew?)

She isn't quite sitting up on her own yet, but she is definetly progressing towards that - she want's to so bad and definetly has the muscle for it, but not quite the balance. She is still what we call a "little bobbly" Sometimes she looks like one of those bobble heads, she can hold her head up, but it hardly ever stays still :)

We call her our "pretty girl" or "pretty princess" and she LOVES it - if you call her pretty or beautiful she often smiles!

In all seriousness....
When Alexa was born, one of my prayers was that I would never forget what a miracle she was. That I would never take for granted the gift she was. Sadly, for a short time I did. I had forgotten, but God, being the loving God that He is so graciously brought it back to my heart last week and it moved me to tears.

The world had told us that she would never come, but God had other plans. And while I know that my correction has medical explanations behind it, the number of things that fell into place to even FIND a doctor to correct the Asherman's was miraculous!! If we had lived at ANY other time in history or any other place in the world there is probably NO WAY that she would be here today. It brings to my mind the verse in Esther that says "for such a time as this". Alexa is special, she is special to her family and to everyone who knows her, but more than that - she is special to Jesus, and God has a plan and a purpose for her life, that I can only pray for and imagine at this point.

Thank you Jesus for Alexa, thank you for who she is, thank you for the person that she is becoming and the precious personality you have given her. Thank you for allowing me to be her mom, I feel so underqualified, so humbled and so blessed. You are so good and the gifts you have given me through her are like none I have ever known, words will never express the gratitude that I have for her. Father, I ask now that you watch over her, that you protect her body, mind and spirit. Give her the strength to become the person you are calling her to be. You are so holy and good Jesus, in your precious name - Amen


amyb said...

Amber, it is wonderful to read what you have written about Alexa. I so often get caught up in the moment and forget the little miracles surrounding me. And to remember to pray for them and their future is a great undertaking. Thank you for sharing your daughter and your heart with us!

jaime said...

She is a miracle. Amen