Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where is God in our Pain?

My entire family & I thank you for your prayers and your faithfulness in holding Trent up, not only in the last week but throughout his journey of illness. We want you to know that your prayers did not go unanswered. While they were not answered in the way that we wanted, they were in fact answered. Please, do not be discouraged in what you do, and the prayers that you have made, for our God is faithful! We know that our God is sovereign and that He has and is bringing good from our pain.

I ask that you continue to be faithful in your prayers, escpecially Terry, Sandra, Emma and Ava - we have a long road ahead - but God is faithful and we know that He will continue to sanctify a wound that we cannot and may never fully understand.

It is easy in times like this to become discouraged. But I listened to an incredible sermon today that encouraged me (isn't God good) and I want to share with you all some things that I walked away with.

God works in two ways - through His visible hand (miracles and such) and His invisible hand. It's easy to thank God and recognize Him in the visible things, it's much harder when He works through the invisible things.

God works more often through His invisible hand of providence. Through the subtle details and everydayness of our lives. Things that we may not give Him credit for but that He controls and blesses us with. We see these things when we look with faith.

We know that God is both sovereign and good and we need to cling to BOTH of these characteristics.
Sovereign: God controls ALL things, there is NOTHING that God does not reign over and control, down to the smallest detail of our lives, it does not happen without God's permission.
Good: He is loving, kind, patient, merciful, forgiving, compassionate.... God is GOOD!

Just because our God is good and sovereign does not mean that all things that happen are His will - It was not His will for sin and evil to enter this world, He doesn't WANT bad things to happen. The Bible tells us that God weeps, He gets angry and sad; it also tells us that everything is not in obedience with God. We (people) sin, and Satan is a liar out to destroy the world and the people in the world (1 Peter 5:8).

So how does this work? How can there be bad in the world and in the lives of people who serve a sovereign and good God? The Bible tells us that God works all things together for good (Romans 8:28) for those who love Him. God will not waste one tear, one moment of brokeness or pain from his sons and daughters. He will bring good to our pain and suffering.

Mark Driscoll calls it "santified affliction". To paraphrase him "it doesn't mean that everything comes from the hand of God but everything goes through the hand of God. It means whatever the affliction is - it is serving a purpose. For a non-christian it may be a cause and effect consequence but for us who know God it is an affliction that is sanctified - it will bring us closer to God, good WILL come, God's will WILL be done through it. God will use it to santify us. There is no pain for a child of God that is pointless. "

We must bring our pain to God, because it is only there that our pain can and will be sanctified and made right.
So again, I just want to encourage you all to bring your pain, bring your questions to God because that it the ONLY place that it can be made right.


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