Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Memories & Traditions

This week we have been busy making some Christmas memories. On Saturday Tim's sister, Toni, asked us to go to the Green Bay Botanical Gardens to walk through their light display. It was a beautiful night (40 degrees) so we bundled up the kids and headed north :) It was soo awesome, we are so glad that we went(if you live in the area I definetly recommend that you go). Treyton loved it and Alexa (who I was wearing) actually fell asleep.
The trail was a mile long, but it didn't seem like it. Because of the nice weather it was pretty crowded, but again, it didn't really seem like it once we got in. We had to park in the overflow parking and then buses came over to pick us up. This was actually pretty cool, Treyton enjoyed being on the bus and it went rather smoothly.

There were lots of different displays. This tree is 5 stories tall with over 20,000 lights!! Can you believe it? I never would have guessed it. Treyton's favorite were the caterpillars (Hermie's, he called them) They were all beautiful and I can't believe how much it got me into the holiday spirit. We plan on making it a yearly tradition.
Yesterday, we spent all morning baking cookies. This was a tradition that I remember and treasured as a child, and since I have moved out of my mom's house, I haven't really done it. That all changed this year and Treyton and I had a blast! We made chocolate covered pretzels, m&m oatmeal cookies, butterscothc haystacks, chocolate & coconut haystacks and peanut butter cookies. Treyton had quite the sugar high (and crash by the end of the night) but it was a good time nonetheless. I look forward to carrying this tradition on through the years as well.
(This picture isn't really anything but a cute picture of my man and his little princess) Aren't they cute?)

This is a picture of Treyton in his snow tunnel that him and dad made last week. This was after it got a little bit warmer so the tunnel had shrunk a little bit, but Treyton still loved it!! From the first time it snowed Treyton started asking to build a snow tunnel, this is something that Treyton has done every year with Tim and has always loved it - it's definetly a wintertime favorite for him!

We hope that your family is enjoying the holiday season and making some family traditions of your own.

Merry Christmas!!


Tami Jo said...

Sounds like great family memories! I love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

This is Tim (Amber's husband)

What a great night, this was really fun, not to mention that we had the best kids in the world this night. Alexa was sleeping...so she was good, a Treyton was a big boy and really enjoyed this.

Thank you Botanical Garden....it should be good we had to pay to see these lights!

Ashley Skye said...

That looks like it was awesome!! Good to hear Treyton was such a big boy - This will be one of those things your children will grow up and always have memories of. I love those things!!! Thank you for bringing them back into our extended family as well - we appreciate you