Monday, December 1, 2008

More Cute Treyton Stories

~ On our way home for church yesterday, Tim, Treyton and I were discussing his sunday school craft. It was a piece of paper with stickers on it and things listed on it that he was thankful for. It was cute, you could tell that they actually wrote down what he said because it said things like "food" and "baby" (typical Treyton answers :)). I asked him, "Are these things, the things that you are thankful for?" and he said "Yeah, but no Leaner".
Leaner is the neighbor's dog and is Treyton's best friend - he prays for him every day and anytime we leave Treyton waves at "Leaner's House" and says "Bye Leaner".... Anyhow, as you can imagine a three-year-old talking, when Treyton says "Leaner" the "L" isn't as clear as one would hope, and it typically comes out "Weaner"
So, Tim and I quickly realized what probably happened at Sunday school.... when the Sunday School teacher started asking for the things Treyton was thankful for, I'm certain that Treyton answered "Leaner" (or what they thought was "Weiner") and they must have told him "no" because he knew, without being able to read, that it wasn't on there. And he kept saying to us "leaner, no, no, leaner" when we asked him about it.
Tim got a real kick out of the fact that his sunday school teachers probably thought he was saying something else, and that knowing Treyton he repeated himself several times to make a point! Me? I was totally embarassed, especially considering they didn't say anything to us when we picked him up!!

~ The other day, we were eating twisty pretzels and Treyton had taken a bite of one and it looked like a letter "M". Treyton looked at the pretzel and then looked at me and said "McDonalds"

~ When dad got home frome work last week, Treyton was down stairs watching a movie, I called down to him and he yelled up "Is daddy home?" and I yelled back "yeah" and then he yelled back up and said "Daddy, I'm watching a movie" - it was so matter-of-fact I felt like he was a teenager.

~ Treyton always says to me and Tim how he wants hair, like dad when he gets big. He points to his lips, his cheeks, his arms, his legs.... it's cute - he says "when I am bigger and bigger, I want hair."

~ A few nights ago, Treyton was hot during the night and he called out, Tim fixed him up so that he had just the sheet instead of the comforter but Treyton said that his baby sam, who was sleeping next to him, was cold, so Tim had to swaddle up baby sam, and cover him up so that Sam and Treyton could both sleep comfortably.

These little stories bring such a smile to my heart, children have such an innocent and sweet outlook on the world, I hope that by being a mom, I can somehow take on part of Treyton's easy-going, simple mentality rather than the other way around. God Bless the hearts and minds of children.


Ashley Skye said...

Oh my goodness how cute are those - Seriously I can see Treyton repeating that quite a few times because I am sure they did not repeat it back to him! He gets very matter of fact when you dont say it back right. LOL

Seriously he is the cutest thing ever!! Before you know it you will have a teenager

Anonymous said...

I still don't understand why it didn't make the page. This sunday school teacher is married with cute kids...I'm sure she is thankful for weiners as well. Who made her the judge of what makes our thankful list. I'm with you Treyton Wwiner should definetly be on there.

Love my Family - Daddy and Husband

Lori Stilger said...

Cute stories, Amber. :) Thanks for sharing them!
Thanks, too, for visiting my blog(s) yesterday! Good luck in the giveaways. :)

Mom2three said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love the cute things that kids say. When my kids were little, I wrote down all the funny and not so funny things they did and said. They love to read back on them now. My youngest had a Sunday school lesson about Jesus healing the blind, but he couldn't say it correctly and told us "that Jesus loves the blonde!"

I'm so sorry to hear about Trent. I just made my heart ache for your family.

Tami Jo said...

Oh Treyton...what more can be said.

Thanks for sledding with Sawyer today, he had a lot of fun!