Thursday, January 8, 2009

Letters to My Children: Part 2

My Sweet Little Man:

What can I say? You are truly one of a kind and a joy to have around. I can't express to you in words, how your life has changed daddy and I (for the better). Since the moment we found out we were pregnant you were a deep part of our lives, and we knew we would never be the same. I will never forget the day you were born and the way being your mom made me feel. It's priceless and something a woman cannot express in words - there is nothing even close to compare it to so I won't even try, but I will tell you that I would never give it back, not ever, even for a moment. You have made my world a better place in every way.

While being the first born brings with it a lot of good things, it can be hard to. I know that it won't always be easy for you, and that we will probably make more mistakes with you than your sibling(s), and for that I apologize, please know that we have never wanted to give you anything but the best and we will always try to do right by you. We are thankful that God has given you an incredible personality and heart and your ability to love deeply and forgive quickly. It has helped us through so much already.
I am so grateful for the chance to watch you grow up. I have known you better than anyone else and it is an incredible thing to witness you develop in everyway. As I have watched your personality develop I could not be more proud. But as proud of you as I am, I want to give you some motherly advice: Be careful to not move too quickly that you forget to slow down and notice the little things. Life is so full of details and things we don't take time to see. Your child-like heart notices detail and you thrive on it, but you are also very busy and excited - be sure to take time for both.

You have such a sincere heart and sweet spirit, you are so sensitive, not only with your own emotions but towards other people. You notice people, you notice things that people don't always say with words. Baby, that is a gift! My prayer for you since when you were in my womb was that you would be a leader and that you would be sensitive, and the Lord has heard and answered my prayers! I want you to treasure your sensitivity, you will need to protect it. Because of your love for others you will be more vulnerable to being hurt and open for attack from the enemy. You will get hurt. My prayer for you is that you learn to give your pain to God and allow Him to heal you, that you won't allow your wounds to harden your heart. It isn't easy to make it through this world with a heart like yours, but the world needs your heart, the world needs your character and strength. Hold on to it.

Your love for life is something that has attracted people to you from when you were an infant. You process the world on your own and you have to learn things on your own. This is a good thing in that once you learn it, you know that you know, but at the same time, please try to learn some from other people's mistakes --- you don't have to learn everything "the hard way". There is lots to learn and there are people who are willing to teach you what they know, learn from their wisdom and experience.

I love you big boy, thank you so much for loving me back,

Your Mommy


Tami Jo said...

Where did the time go? He is such a handsome man. He also has the best mommy ever.

Anonymous said...

Yes little man, what blessing you are! Thank you Amber for writing such a great letter to Treyton.

I love you both so much, thank you for being part of my life.

Love Hubby and Dad

Ashley Skye said...

Thank you so much for sharing your letter to Treyton -

I love watching him grown and his character and Heart and I also love watching you grown as a mother woman and person right along with him . YOu are an inspiraton and I thank God for ALL of you. My life would be missing so much without you

Once again I second Tami he is so handsome