Saturday, January 24, 2009

Priceless Family Moments

Treyton loves to play board games, this past friday night (during game night) we were playing Candy Land with Treyton and Alexa. We actually gave Alexa a piece and let her pick a card out of the box, she liked it and Treyton got a real kick out of it too.

Treyton has this thing when he is playing a game, that he will pick up the rules, act like he is reading them and say a "rule", they are usually things that we have already said .... this night he was mostly guiding the baby along, helping her figure out the rules of the game.

He was saying things like "Only one card, Baby." or "No baby, no chewing on cards". After doing this at least 30 times, it was apparent that we were going to do this everytime Lexie had a turn. On one of her turns, she had picked up a card and put it in her mouth. Dad said "Uh-oh Lexie, I think there's a rule about that - what do you think Treyton? Is there a rule?
Treyton picked up the rules started "reading" and said "No Baby, no.... (his voice trailed off) and then he said "What did the baby do?"


Tami Jo said... guys are such a cute family!

Mommer said...

I may have started something, the last time I was over we were playing the Hippo game and Treyton would put his hands in the middle to help "feed" them, so I picked up the "Rules" and read them to him, " No fingers in the middle of the Hippo's or else the Hippos will bite you. Then we played some more and he caught himself "almost" putting his hands in the middle again, and he said, "Mommer, read the rules again". He is such a cutie!!

Amber said...

Yeah, I did start noticing it after that day you were over playing hungry hippo in the basement, and he told me that you had to "check the rules" and that the "hippos would eat his hands". It sounded something like mommer would do.... it's cute so thanks for passing it on!! :)

Ashley Skye said...

Your going to have to keep an eye on this one - there will be no rule breaking for the games!