Sunday, January 11, 2009

Treyton's Cute Sayings

This evening at dinner Treyton wanted to know if we could watch the Planet Earth movie after dinner. I said "I don't know buddy, it's kind of late already. We probably won't have time."
He took a second, cocked his head to the side and said "You think about it, alright?"

A few weeks ago when my sister was here visiting, we had put Treyton down to bed and we had stayed up talking. After about 10 minutes Treyton called for Dad (because he's not supposed to get out of bed) and when Tim went in to check on him Treyton said "Dad, my ears hurt, you talking too much."

Treyton and I were making my bed the other day and he tooted. He looked at me and smiled. And I said "Treyton, what do you say?"
He said "It was just a little bit."
I replied "Even if it's just a little bit you should say excuse me."
He smiled at me and said "Mommy..... Come On....."
(This one is a little hard to explain because you have to hear how he says "CoMe On....." it's super cute.)

(Going along with the one above) One afternoon Treyton and I were praying for our nap, and in the middle of one of my prayers Treyton said "Cooommme OOOnnnn Jesus!".... I couldn't help but laugh out loud and Treyton said "What's so funny?"

When we had first got our van we had put Treyton's seat in the far back, thinking that i would need to sit in the middle seat next to Alexa to sooth her (she isn't a big carseat fan). But Alexa liked the new van better than we thought, so we had moved Treyton's seat next to her in the middle row. As he was getting in the car - he literally walked right past his seat and was standing in between the two middle seats and said "Where's my seat?".... it was a classic Dad move!

One day Treyton was having me name everyone we know and he was telling me who was a boy and who was a girl.... things were going along great until he said "I don't want to be a boy anymore".... YIKES! Let's not tell Tim :)

Treyton and I were playing a game one morning and it was his turn to go and I said "Okay, Treyton's it's your turn." He was laying on the ground with his eyes closed and he said "Wait a sec, until my eyes work again."

Even now as I was typing this, Tim is chasing Treyton around like a lion and wrestling him to the ground. A little while ago I heard Treyton say "Not to rough, Dad" (just like mom says it!). Then after Dad pinned him to the ground and was tickling him uncontrollably in between laughs he said "Thats too rough Daddy!!!!"

This is such a fun age, I love all the cute things that Treyton is saying and doing. It's amazing to watch him learn things and figure it out, knowledge we take for granted.


Tami Jo said...

LOL...oh Treyton, Thank You for making me laugh. You are just too cute!

Ashley Skye said...

I agree with Tami - Thank you Treyon - I really think these are my favorite post - He is always saying the best stuff!!

Remember mom he has to tell his stories you cant ruin the punch line from him - and it is not going to work forever to spell it out a head of time