Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Re-Do.... Yeah, I'm a little distracted at the moment!

78%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

I know this sounds dumb, but I posted the wrong percentage earlier! I had taken it the first time, and then realized I answered one of the questions incorrectly (the number of blogs I post on) and so I went back and re-did it but I guess I didn't copy the code right when I finished it, and i didn't go in and check my percentage after I posted.... so, sorry Jessica, didn't mean to throw you off :)

Addicted To Blogging

62%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

We're Home

We're Home!!!

We got home last night at about 10pm, it was a long day yesterday on the road, the kids were at the end of their ropes, but considering that we were gone for 2 weeks I can't believe how exceptional they were the entire time, including the drive.

To catch you up, below are some pictures from the last days of our vacation. We went to Animal Kingdom on Monday. We had a lot of fun but the crowds were MUCH larger because of Presidents week (one of Disney's busiest weeks) on Tuesday we took it easy at the house. Then on Wednesday we went to a nearby town called Celebration (super cutesy) with the most of the family and did some cute shops and lunch together.

This weekend Tim is back home for the Alumni Tournament and my sister Skye came up to help me get unpacked and settled in with the kids. (Thanks Skye - You're the BOMB!!)

This week will begin another super busy transition in our lives. For those of you that don't know, Tim and I recently bought a new home - and we will be moving in the next few weeks (or maybe a month, if I can't get things done as quickly as I would like). So please pray for us :)

This is us at Animal Kingdom

For lunch on Monday we ate at a Dinosaur Restaurant - this was a highlight of our trip (for all of us) I wish we had one of these closer - and yes, Treyton is wearing my sun glasses.

After we ate at T-Rex, we bought Treyton a hat from the gift shop he was so excited about his new hat that he started dancing in the middle of the sidewalk - I have 6 pictures of his awesome dance, this is just one of them --- it was sooo hilarious

Here is another dancing picture.

Treyton, Tom and Sawyer playing in the water in Celebration, FL

Mommer and Papa with their 2 pound lobster, Lexie and Treyton ~ does it get any better?

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where Can We Find Rest?

Have you ever been so tired, you couldn't hardly see straight? So drained, that you felt like you had nothing left to give?

That's where I was a few weeks ago, I was at the end of all of my energy but had a list as long as my arm, of things that needed (HAD) to get done. I was over-my-head, exhausted.

So I did what any strong Christian woman would do - I called my mom crying hysterically!! (I'm not even kidding). Praise the Lord for Moms, seriously, what would we do without them? Who else can we call when we can't even understand ourselves speak? Who listens to us without judgment or fear that we may actually do all that we say we're going to do? Our moms know us better than most people, and they STILL love us --- Mom's are great (I love you mom!)! Anyhow, that was just a bunny trail, the purpose of this post is really about what I did after I called my mom.

Talking to my mom helped, and I actually got through the rest of that day without hurting anyone!! The next day, during my quite time I began to journal my heart (probably what I should have done in the first place!) and this is what my journal read:

"Lord, I feel as though I have been going through a rough patch, okay, I know that I have been going through a rough patch! I have been so exhausted and worn out - I feel as though I have nothing left to give. Lord, help me, renew my strength."

That was all I wrote, to be honest, I didn't know what else to say, and that was as honest as I could be, and it took all the energy I had to write.

I said a simple prayer to the Lord and then I opened up my devotional and this is what I read:
"COME TO ME FOR REST AND REFRESHMENT" (yes it acutally is in big bold letters!) The journey has been to much for you, and you are bone-weary. Do not be ashamed of your exhaustion (and I really was). Instead, see it as an opportunity for Me to take charge of your life.... Your main responsibility is to remain attentive to Me, letting Me guide you through the many choices along your pathway. This sounds like an easy assignment, but it is not. Your desire to live in My Presence goes against the grain of "the world, the flesh, and the devil." Much of your weariness results from your constant battle against these opponents. However, you are on the path of my choosing, so do not give up! Hope in Me, for you will again praise Me for the help of My presence."
The Lord met with me in my most desperate moment, I didn't have a fancy prayer or a perfectly righteous day, I wasn't on my "best behaviour" (by any means) but I took the opportunity to give God my EVERYTHING - and it wasn't much - I asked Him to take it from me and give me some of Him, and He did!!

Our God is so good and so faithful, I encourage you, wherever you are at today, just give it to Him and trust Him to meet you exactly where you are at. You don't have to get everything figure out and in order before you come to Him, in fact the opposite is true - He wants you to come as you are now, in this moment, and lay it at His feet. As a humble receiver of His word and renewing power, I can tell you it is WORTH MORE THAN GOLD!

Psalm 73:26 "My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."

Matthew 11:18 "Come to Me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest."

Isaiah 40:31 "Those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up on wings like eagles, they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not faint."

(by the way, the name of my devotional is "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young - EXCELLENT!!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Word-Filled Wednesday

I don't know if I will have time or access to link this to word-filled Wednesday's site but thought I would schedule this post anyway!!

Vacation: Last Day

Okay, so no pictures this time, but I figure you have enough from my last few posts to keep you happy for a while :)
Today is our last full day at the house.
We are planning on swimming and relaxing here for most of the day, it will take me all that long to pack everything back up where it will fit in the van. :) Tim and I also found an adorable little town a few miles away (called Celebration) with a bunch of fun and cute shops in it and we're planning on bringing most of the fam back with us today to take a little stroll through.
Our plan is to head out tomorrow morning early (before light) to get on the road. We're driving straight home this time - no stops along the way except for the hotel. So we would like to get as much of it as we can out of the way as fast as we can (you get the point).
We had such a great trip. The kids were excellent in all areas, they have traveled well, napped well (when there was time for naps), played well, obeyed well, they even slept well (excluding Alexa the last 2 nights). God has once again been faithful to us even in the small things.
Overall this has been the best family vacation we have ever taken. We had a great time and I look forward to coming back someday!
We have appreciated all of your prayers while we've been away from home and we ask that you continue to pray for us for the long journey home.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Can you handle more pics?

Another two-day update. I don't know why but I seem to do these updates every other day.

We went to Epcot on Friday, which Tim and I really enjoyed. Treyton didn't enjoy it as much as the other parks, but it may have been my favorite (I really can't decide... they all have there own highlights... it's just too hard to choose!)

Anyhow, for those of you who don't know Epcot is actually two parks a technological type park and then the "world" part. Which is divided into different countries (Mexico, Norway, Germany, UK, America, Japan, Italy, etc) and as you walk around each country has it's own shops, restaurants, exhibits, etc.

We ate Lunch at the Akershus castle in Norway and it was incredible!! The food was good, but not the best part!! It was so much more than just a meal. When we first walked in we got to take a "formal" picture with Belle which we then received a free 8*10 and 4- 3.5 *5 copies of our picture from Belle herself (a free gift). Then four other princesses walked through the restaurant during our lunch and stopped to take pictures with us: Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel and Aurora.... Tami (my sister-in-law) and I were so excited about the princesses we could hardly eat. Seriously, I know that most of the time it's the kids, but not this time, these girls are like our heroes celebrities to us! I could have handled just one but five in a matter of minutes was too much!!

Today we celebrated Valentines Day at Cocoa Beach. It was so awesome to be able to bring the kids to the ocean for the first time. I have only been a couple of times before so it was still a pretty big treat for me, too. The water was obviously a little chilly, but not nearly as bad as I expected. Treyton jumped in and had a good time, splashing around, building a sand castle, finding sea shells, and writing in the sand. Lexie didn't care so much for the water, but had a good time lounging on the towel and taking a walk with Aunt Toni.

Tomorrow the kids and I will be taking it easy here at the house while Tim heads off to the Daytona 500 with part of his family. Then Monday and Tuesday we plan on more Disney and taking Wednesday as an "easy" day while we pack up for departure on Thursday. We are planning on driving home without any stops (meaning tourist stops) we will be stopping for the night, but that's about it, so please keep us in your prayers on Thursday and Friday that travels are safe and go well with the kids.

Enjoy some more pictures!!

Our family at Epcot

Our family in America (Epcot)
The boys (&Lexie) with Princess Jasmine

Epcot Water
Our family in Norway (Epcot) in front of the restaurant we ate at for lunch

In front of the water at Epcot

Lexie sleeping with Sawyer's brewers hat on the way to Cocoa beach

Our family at Cocoa Beach

Treyton writing in the sand (like mom) :)

Treyton's sand castle (posing with Mommer)

Daddy, Treyton & Lexie getting in the Ocean

Lexie chillaxin on the beach.

We love you all - Happy Valentines Day!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Vacation Update & Pictures

Yesterday and today we spent at Walt Disney World. We did Magic Kingdom yesterday, spending a full day (8-4) riding a ton of rides and visiting our favorite characters!! It was a blast. Treyton's favorite ride was the carousal (or so he says) but he rode the goofy roller coaster the most and laughed the entire time!! A highlight for mom and dad was the 3D Mickey movie.... very cool.

Today we went to Hollywood Studios and without knowing it we went on the day that the American Idol Exhibit was opening... when we first walked in David Cook (the winner of American Idol last year) was performing!! It was awesome - Tim and I LOVE him! We went to several shows (the Little Mermaid, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and the Stunt Show) it was a lot of fun even with Lexie not feeling as well as she was before. She was running a little fever today... please pray that she gets a better quickly.

Tomorrow we go to Epcot!!

Meeting Mickey and Minnie!!

Our Family with Mater and McQueen.... a highlight for all of us!!

Eating at Crystal Palace, meeting Pooh.

Alexa after Pooh left.... pretty sad.
Treyton and I on the goofy roller coaster (we're in the back)

Our family at Hollywood Studios

Treyton swimming at the Condo

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vacation Picture Overload!

Okay, just so you know I am aware that I am posting a gazillion pictures, but I can't help myself, we have had such an incredible trip and experience so far I just can't help but share parts of it with you.
Yesterday we spent the day and Chattanooga, TN and loved it! I can't wait to go back sometime. We did the lookout moutain, rock city in the morning and then the Aquarium in the afternoon. It was a blast. Rock City was undescribably beautiful.... I (like most people) love mountains, I wish I lived in the mountains. Absolutely breathtaking.
The aquarium was lots of fun too, and I cannot brag about my son enough. I have no idea how far we walked yesterday, but he walked the entire rock city trail all the way through and then through 3 hours at the aquarium.... he is a rock star!!
I want to tell you all so much more but it's now 11:00 and I'm seriously tired.
Oh, I wanted to tell you too, we are now safe and sound in Orlando with the rest of the fam (excluding Toni who's coming in in a few days). The condo is amazing and we've already broken in the pool (twice) - that's not even counting when Treyton fell in.
We're not sure of the exact plans tomorrow.... maybe disney??!?!

Treyton looking at the Creation Museum exhibit of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden

Only a picture of the coolest starbucks, EVER!

Lookout Mountain, me and Treyton

Dad and the kids (Lexie is ready to go!)

The Swing Bridge on the trail.... this was Dad and Treyton's favorite part
Treyton literally grabbed my hand and ran across it the first time over it - me screaming the entire way!!!

(before the screaming incident)

I just like this picture!

On the trail - my man and my baby.... does life get any cuter?

Our Family on the trail!

Butterfly Garden at the aquarium.... Treyton was VERY excited about holding a butterfly... until it flew right into his face! Very funny.

The Tennessee Aquarium

Lexie and Daddy, Showing off!

Sugar Crash!!! This was this morning (about 11:30) on our way to Orlando.... if you look closely in his hand you will see the half-eaten ring pop. It was hilariously, he actually tried to eat it in his sleep once... I missed it but Tim caught it in the rearview mirror. He was literally talking to us one minute, we were jamming to some music (loudly) we turn around and he was OUT!!

(This Picture is just because I posted more of Treyton than Lexie, and she's adorable!)

Again, I'm sorry for so many pictures, I left out so many good ones, I will be posting these for a while I think.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers!! God has truly blessed us with this time together as a family. The traveling, weather and kids are all going better than I could have expected!!

Miss you all!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Traveling: Creation Museum

Hi Everyone,

Surprise post, I didn't expect to have internet access so I wasn't properly prepared (meaning, no pictures yet!!) however, I just wanted to hop on and let you all know things are going GREAT!!

We are in Tennessee.
We spent day 1 on the road (8:30-3:30) and then stopped at our very good friend's house in Indiana - they so graciously opened their home to our family and we had a great time visiting with them and their fun dog Mocha!! Treyton is still talking about them and wants to go back.

Yesterday morning we got on the road about 10:30 ish and drove to Kentucky (arriving around 1:45) where we toured the Creation Museum. Alot of you have asked me about this, so I just wanted to give you my litte "review" I really loved it! Treyton didn't get as much out of it as I would have hoped, but he was free so... no big loss. There were lots of dinosaurs there so he was easily entertained by them. I was amazed by how few "thall shalt not touch" signs they had and how clean the museum was - it is very well taken care of. I think it is an excellent museum for school age children and adults. It explains (in terms that you can understand) why creation can be true (and why we believe the Bible is true, and so forth). The musuem is set up basically so you walk through the book of Genesis, starting in the garden, the exhibits were SOOO detailed, it was incredible - my favorite was walking through their Noah's Ark exhibit - it was awesome.... I don't know why I didn't get some of the details before but it truly opened my eyes to how horrific of a tragedy that actually was.... I always just pictured rain..... interesting.
SO my formal opinion: I thought it was excellent!! If you are ever in the area you will have to make a stop here! (Side note: They also had a petting zoo and outdoor trails which were also a lot of fun for Treyton.)

Last night after the museum at about 5:30 we left there and drove until 11:30... we are now in Chatanooga, TN and are planning on doing Lookout Mountain (where you can see 7 states), Ruby Falls and the Tennessee Aquarium. Hopefully we'll have enough time to get it all in. If not, we'll skip the aquarium.

The trip has gone much better than I ever expected. The kids have been incredible... The goodie box I put together for Treyton is actually working (I'll tell you more about it later) and Lexie actually seems to enjoy her carseat!! No small miracle!!

Thanks to all of you for your prayers, we have felt them, things have gone smoothly and safely. We have been in contact with our other family members on the way down (Jim and Donna actually did the creation museum with us) and everyone is safe and making various fun stops along the way.

Can't wait to write more later and actually attach some pictures.

By the way it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees here today!!! Doesn't that sound heavenly my frozen tundra friends!?

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Warm Weather Here we Come!!

As you are reading this, our family is on our way down to Florida!! (Yes, this is a scheduled post, and I have a few more scheduled for you all!!)
We will be gone for the next two weeks enjoying warm weather and each other's company.

We have a TON of fun things planned!! I can't decide what I am looking forward to most, taking my kids to the ocean for the first time, Disney World, The Tennessee Aquarium, the Creation Museum or Dinosaur World!!

We are driving there (over a 3 day period there, and 2 days on the way back), so please pray for safe-travels, as well as for the other members in Tim's family who are meeting us down there.

I am going to try to post a few times (live) while I am away, the condo that we are staying at does have high-speed internet, but I am going to try to avoid it as much as I can (no offense :))

I will be thinking of you (my loyal blog-readers) while I am away, and I pray that you will have a relaxing, fun & sunshine-filled, two weeks!!

Miss you already!

Friday, February 6, 2009

What I am Learning

My man recently started a Bible Study called "What in the world is going on" it's on prophesy, end times, and the current signs and things we're experiencing.
My hubby isn't the most dependable reader (meaning he may have the best of intentions, but that doesn't mean he will actually get around to reading something), so this weekend on our way to church and then on our trip to Portage, I read the first chapter and part of the second chapter, and then Tim and I had a chance to discuss a little bit of it.

God is so good in the way that He has touched our hearts at the same time. For us, what we are taking from this book, more than even the knowledge of what the book is saying (which is excellent by the way) is that we are both being given a desire to KNOW MORE.

It is absolutely unbelievable, to see where the hand of God has been not only in our individual lives but in the history of the WORLD. He is living and active and He truly does have a reason for everything, reasons that go far beyond our lifetime.

Our God is HUGE, absolutely huge, and so utterly amazing, I can't even comprehend a piece of Him. I long to see and learn even more - to see even more deeply who this God is that I serve. I know so little and He is so much bigger than I could ever understand, but this will not keep me from meditating on His word day and night, and learning all that I can about who He is and what His will is.

I have added a new list on my blog titled "What I am learning about" this is a list of things that I will be studying and meditating on, trying to determine what my position or belief is on certain matters. If at anytime you see something on that list that you may have resources for or that you may know something about, feel free to e-mail me.... I'm always looking for new information to sift through and pray over.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's Okay Mommy
Tonight at dinner, Treyton was trying to tell the baby what a big eater he was (for once Treyton actually did eat MUCH better than the baby) Alexa has decided that she doesn't like some of her vegetables as much, and she was letting us know about it tonight!

When Treyton started talking to her, she would get louder in her "talking"

I said, in my sarcastic serious tone "Baby, Treyton is trying to talk to you, you need to be quiet so that you can hear him."

Treyton said to me "No, It's okay mommy."
And then he went on to say what he had to say to Alexa even though she was still talking.

It was adorable, it was almost like he was saying 'I don't want her to get in trouble for this, I will just talk to her as she is talking.' What a great big brother

How Does that Sound?
It's amazing when you have kids, how they have a talent for pointing out the things that you say alot. Treyton has recently shown me (in different conversations) that after I explain something to him I say "How does that sound?" - this story is one such example.

In the car the other night we passed the town pool, like we always do, and Treyton said something about the slide and how much he liked it.

I asked him "Have you ever been on the big slide before?"

"No, but it cold out, me go on it when it get warmer out" then he said alot of other words that I didn't all get, but was interpretted to mean "I can't swim when it is cold out, only when it is warm out, and once it gets warm I'm going to go swimming there, and go down the big slide." (mother's paraphrase)

He then paused for a moment and said "How does that sound?"

And I said "I think that sounds great Treyton"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Trust: Part 3 "Communion with Him"

This week during my quiet time, the Lord clearly pointed out to me some devotions and scripture that focused on "Communion with Him" and it just so happened ;) (sure) that it pertained exactly to my current struggles in the area of trust.

These quotes come out of the book "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young:

"As you give yourself more & more to a life of constant communion with Me, you will find you simply have no time for worry."
(May 1st)
"TRUST ME in the depths of your being. It is there that I live in constant communion with you. When you feel flustered and frazzled on the outside, do not get upset with yourself. You are only human, and the swirl of events going on all around you will sometimes feel overwhelming. Rather than scolding yourself for your humanness, remind yourself that I am both with you and within you." (Jul 31st)

I find these words so practical and comforting to my spirit. They leave me with a choice to make. Am I going to focus on the world around me or will I put my time into hearing from and getting to know God? The more time I spend with the Lord the better I will get to know Him, His character and His will for my life.

This is a choice and it does take effort and discipline.

So how do we do this?

It starts with slowing down. Getting away to meet with Him Mark 6:32 "Come with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest." This may mean turning off the TV, computer and phones, clearing some days on the calendar, or saying "no". It continues by setting aside specific time to spend with Him daily. It's putting yourself in a posture of rest, reverence, respect, submission and love.
If you are faithful to do this, to get away and meet with Him, you will have intimate and quiet moments and the Lord will certainly speak to you. You have freedom here. Use it as you need. Take this time to speak to Him, meditate on the scriptures, tell Him your fears, and then - maybe most importantly - set your heart to hear from Him.

It is during this communion that we develop an intimate and familiar relationship with Him. When we get to know Him better, on a deeper level, it is then that we learn who He is and a natural trust begins to develop.

He does speak. He speaks words we desperately need to hear. We must get ourselves in a posture to hear.

John 10:27 "My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me."

John 8:47a "Whoever is of God hears the words of God."

My prayer is that through meeting with Him on a regular (daily) basis, as I develop a more intimate relationship with Him, that I will learn to not only hear Him speak, but that I will know that it is Him that I am hearing. I desire to hear what He has to say in regards to ALL the choices and details of my life, regardless of how big or how small.