Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It's Okay Mommy
Tonight at dinner, Treyton was trying to tell the baby what a big eater he was (for once Treyton actually did eat MUCH better than the baby) Alexa has decided that she doesn't like some of her vegetables as much, and she was letting us know about it tonight!

When Treyton started talking to her, she would get louder in her "talking"

I said, in my sarcastic serious tone "Baby, Treyton is trying to talk to you, you need to be quiet so that you can hear him."

Treyton said to me "No, It's okay mommy."
And then he went on to say what he had to say to Alexa even though she was still talking.

It was adorable, it was almost like he was saying 'I don't want her to get in trouble for this, I will just talk to her as she is talking.' What a great big brother

How Does that Sound?
It's amazing when you have kids, how they have a talent for pointing out the things that you say alot. Treyton has recently shown me (in different conversations) that after I explain something to him I say "How does that sound?" - this story is one such example.

In the car the other night we passed the town pool, like we always do, and Treyton said something about the slide and how much he liked it.

I asked him "Have you ever been on the big slide before?"

"No, but it cold out, me go on it when it get warmer out" then he said alot of other words that I didn't all get, but was interpretted to mean "I can't swim when it is cold out, only when it is warm out, and once it gets warm I'm going to go swimming there, and go down the big slide." (mother's paraphrase)

He then paused for a moment and said "How does that sound?"

And I said "I think that sounds great Treyton"


Anonymous said...

oh out of the mouth's of children! They can be so entertaining sometimes!

Tami Jo said...

Oh are so adorable!

Ashley Skye said...

Oh my goodness how cute - Seriously I dont think it is possible to be any more cute -

I cant wait to see you guys - everytime I talk to him he is talking better and better it is fun to hear what he has to say