Friday, February 6, 2009

What I am Learning

My man recently started a Bible Study called "What in the world is going on" it's on prophesy, end times, and the current signs and things we're experiencing.
My hubby isn't the most dependable reader (meaning he may have the best of intentions, but that doesn't mean he will actually get around to reading something), so this weekend on our way to church and then on our trip to Portage, I read the first chapter and part of the second chapter, and then Tim and I had a chance to discuss a little bit of it.

God is so good in the way that He has touched our hearts at the same time. For us, what we are taking from this book, more than even the knowledge of what the book is saying (which is excellent by the way) is that we are both being given a desire to KNOW MORE.

It is absolutely unbelievable, to see where the hand of God has been not only in our individual lives but in the history of the WORLD. He is living and active and He truly does have a reason for everything, reasons that go far beyond our lifetime.

Our God is HUGE, absolutely huge, and so utterly amazing, I can't even comprehend a piece of Him. I long to see and learn even more - to see even more deeply who this God is that I serve. I know so little and He is so much bigger than I could ever understand, but this will not keep me from meditating on His word day and night, and learning all that I can about who He is and what His will is.

I have added a new list on my blog titled "What I am learning about" this is a list of things that I will be studying and meditating on, trying to determine what my position or belief is on certain matters. If at anytime you see something on that list that you may have resources for or that you may know something about, feel free to e-mail me.... I'm always looking for new information to sift through and pray over.

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