Friday, March 27, 2009

Does Satan Exist?

If you've followed my blog for any length of time you have probably realized that I am a pretty big fan of Pastor Mark Driscoll in Seattle. I listen to tons of his sermons and I find his teaching to be some of the most convicting, theologically sound and interesting I have every heard. I once again will highly recommend that you take some time to listen to some of his sermons.

Last night, ABCNews aired a 30 minute debate on the topic "Does Satan Exist" this is a part 3 series started last year (I believe the first one was "Does God Exist" and the second one was something to do with Porn Addiction in America) Mark Driscoll was one of the debaters (for the existence of Satan).

The actual news program lasted 30 minutes with commercial but on-line they are showing the full debate - I have watched the first 4 segments and will try to watch the rest after I finish posting this but I absolutely LOVE these kind of things so I just HAD to share!!

If you're interested head on over to ABCNews to watch!

One of the questions that Pastor Mark was asked was:
"If God is a loving God why would he create Satan?"

His response was: "I Believe God created angels and people, and he gave us the capacity to have free will. For there to be virtue there must be the possibility of vice. That's what distingushes us from other forms of creation, we have vilitional will, consciousness, we have moral decision making. God didn't create evil God didn't create injustice, or tyranny or opression. He created free will in angels and people, and satan and the demons and human beings have chosen to disobey, to rebel, and that is the source of the trouble."


lori said...

Pastor Mark is RIGHT ON in my opinion...I believe God didn't create satan to be satan but that free will in each of us is where our God stops short of controlling us...

I've GOT to watch this...Amber thanks for sharing!!

Jessica said...

WOW. I thought Mark did a great job, and Annie, too. Thanks very much for sharing, because I hadn't heard about it.

It makes me sad to listen to Deepak and the Bishop...and to think of how many people are being led astray...

Now I'm going to watch the Kirk Cameron debate about God!

Connie said...

Love Mark too. When we don't make it to church, we tune into one of his sermons. The Peasant Princess series is great. I have only made it through 3 but Troy listened to the whole thing. Thanks for this post, I hadn't heard about the debate.