Saturday, March 21, 2009

God's Not Finished with Me Yet!

Yesterday afternoon, Tim called me from work and told me that he had hurt his hand badly and that he was on the way to the hospital (Tim being Tim, I thought he was kidding) until he began to groan and slur/mumble his words a little bit (one of his classic signs of pain). His cousin Jack who just happened to be out at the shop was driving him to the nearest hospital.

The kids and I arrived at the ER at about 4:oo, about 30 minutes after we had gotten the call from Tim. Tim was being X-rayed in his room when we arrived so we had to stand outside and wait, but I could tell by his pale and wounded expression he was in shock from what was happening.

When we got to go in, Treyton was a little leary (it was a small dim-lit room) but as soon as he saw daddy, he was more confident. Tim perked up alot at the sight of Treyton which was good to see. Tim wasn't as collected as he normally is (he was still making sense, but his response to questions, people and situations was much slower and even when they asked questions about things that he normally would know, his response was very uncertain). He was very pale but within 15 minutes after we arrived his color began to return a little. Treyton was incredible the whole time, not scared but you could tell he wanted to help. He behaved exceptionally well, especially considering I had woke him up from his nap to get there.

Tim's hand was in really bad shape. It was pretty hard to look at, even for him. His pinky and ring finger on his left hand were covered in blood. His ring finger looked a little "smooshed" (for lack of a better word) right at the top, but the pinky was completely mangeled. I don't want to gross anyone out here, but it was obvious that there was a dislocation and/or a break in the finger though the bone was not protruding, you could see multiple layers of skin and tissue and what I assume were tendons (or something).

The ER doc brought the X-Rays back: Tim had a tough fracture on the tip of his ring finger (which basically looks like LOTS of little pieces of bones - kind of smashed like) and his pinky had a spiral fracture - which is an actual break (slanted like) with smaller splinter like pieces of bone, as well. They called a hand specialists in, who decided right away that surgery would be necessary.

Tim was scheduled for surgery right away (at 7:00pm) and I began to look for someone to take the kids. The Lord was so faithful to us (as he always is), and we were so grateful and blessed to learn that our newest friends from church lived minutes away from this hospital. It was actually a miracle that I even thought to call them, but I had talked to Michelle the day before and set up a play date for this coming up week, so they were fresh on my mind - and what a blessing it was.
So, after getting the kids straightened out at her house and making arrangements with Mommer and Papa to pick up the kids when they got to town, I headed back to the hospital.

Soon after I returned to the hospital they brought Tim upstairs to the surgical floor. We waited upstairs until 8:00, when they took Tim to surgery. Talking to the surgeon, he had estimated about 1-2 hours for the surgery and then he said that depending on Tim they were going to try to send him home that evening. (Yea!)

Tim didn't get out of surgery until sometime between 10:30 - 11:00. The injuries to Tim's pinky were much more severe than they had orginially thought. The surgeon said that the X-Ray really minimized the actual damage that was done to the finger. He said that when the finger was crushed, the inside of it actually exploded. Hewas able to repair the bones with two pins and then wrapped it with wire, to draw together some of the "splinter pieces", he said he wasn't able to get them all but that considering the injury he was happy with what he was able to do. The tendons on the upper side of his hand which are the extending tendons were completely torn (caused from the bone "explosion" not the actual impact of the metal). He repaired the tendon but the concern at this point is that he may not have the ability to be fully extended the finger (so it would be curled under). Some of the nerves were stretched, which he tried to repair but it is impossible to say for sure what the permanent damage will be until the pins and cast come off. He also completely ruptured his A4 pulley (there are actually no muscles in the hand, the tendons are what actually control finger movement, the pulleys are the "tissue" that hold the tendon and bone together and they operate similairly to a brake cable on a bike). To be honest, I don't remeber what he said about how he repaired this but I do know that he said he did something.... hmm.... note to self, always take notes when doctor speaks to you about surgery, especially at 11 o'clock at night..... The surgeon also said that he repaired the torn skin and flesh the best that he could but that there was a large gap, and that eventually he may need a skin graph.
During the surgery they did take a look at his ring finger as well. There was damage to one of the arteries on this finger (there are three) but the damage was 2/3 of the way up so he wasn't too concerened with the circulation in the finger because it was only the tip of the finger and he still had two fully functioning arteries.

Overall, the surgeon was satisfied with the result of the surgery and said that he repaired what he could considering the extent of the injury. He said that he was extremely lucky that he didn't lose the finger, it was literally hanging on by a tendon. At this point, only time will tell the degree of functionality he will be able to regain.

By the time we left the hospital last night (at about 3am) the nerve block they had given him during surgery was wearing off. He was prescribed an oral pain medication but he remains in constant pain. Even in his sleep you can tell he is in pain. Our primary prayer right now is just for pain relief, peace and rest. We are all pretty exhausted here (including Tim's parents who crashed on our couches last night - God bless you guys!!). Our long term prayer request we are praying for functionality and complete healing of the finger.

We appreciate the prayers from those of you that were aware of what was going on last night, and for the prayers of those of you reading this now.

As a word of encouragement throughout this thing, God's faithfulness has been made very clear to us. Even in the midst of tragedy and struggle, He has given us peace and the eyes to see His helping hand throughout. He has not abandoned us, He is more present in our sufferings than ever, and His sovereignity continues to blow my mind!!

We Glorify Your Name!


Jessica said...

I'll be praying for you guys.

amyb said...

Let me know if there is anything I can do. De Pere is only 25 minutes away from me. I will pray for you all.

Tara said...

Tim and your family are in my prayers.

DramaMama said...

Thanks for the update. I am praying for all of you!

Tana said...

Oh, my! My brother, Aaron, said something about it on the phone.
First: I'll have to say, I'll be praying for Tim and your family.
Sencond: Same ol' Timmer that I remember. Have you hear the stories of his childhood. Poor guy, I thought he grew out of that kind of stuff.

Tami Jo said...

"Oh Timmy" is what Tom and I kept saying to ourselves. God is FAITHFUL! Thank you Lord for protecting my brother. My church prayed for you this morning. ~ Love ya

Sara T. said...

You are all in my thoughts and prayers. God is in control!!