Monday, March 2, 2009

Learning through Teaching

I go through every day amazed by how my children, and parenthood, has changed me and taught me so many things.

Lately, especially it seems, I have been learning lots of big lessons out of little moments.

One of my favorite moments has been working with Treyton on learning his Bible verses: One of the first ones Treyton learned was the Fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:22) in sign language. I recently wrote out the verse for him to put on his door so that we see it and remember to say it together - when I wrote it out, I drew little pictures (Ha, funny I know) to represent some of the fruits. Since then Treyton has sparked several discussions with his questions about the fruit and what each one means. Some of my simple explanations are below:
Kindness - being nice to people (saying nice things to others)
Self-Control - stopping yourself from doing something you're not supposed to be doing (like throwing a fit when we don't get our way, yelling)
Patience - waiting without complaining (like when mommy or daddy are on the phone)
Gentleness - being soft and sensitive with/to others (like with the baby)
We have also taken time to talk about how the Holy Spirit helps us with these things and that as we talk to God more, the easier it becomes for us to produce these fruits.

I have been amazed at his comrehennsion level (which brings me to another point of underestimating our children), and WE are now able to recite the verse with sign language, but we also will talk about each fruit as we go through it.

It's amazing how often I take for granted some of the little detail of the Bible and my beliefs (like what some of the words mean that I recite so often). Taking the time to slow down for my child and answering some of his tough questions (like "why" or "what is that"?) I have learned that I really don't know all that I thought I knew, and I have to stay constantly plugged in to God to be ready for what's coming next!! God is so incredible, even though I am teaching my son I, too, can apply many of the lessons I am trying to instill in his (their) life to my own life. Go figure.

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