Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Family Videos

Here are some recent videos of the kids. The first one is of Treyton tonight while watching American Idol (he's our entertainer), the one of Alexa is the other night (she's our lover).



Tami Jo said...

They are just so cute! So I see that Tim is on the love seat and you were on the couch....so Tim didn't get his way. ;)

Amber said...

Could you imagine the two of us CRAMMED onto the love seat with both of the kids crawling all over us!?! Something that amazing seems like it should be saved for "special occasions" :)

Alana Wiemann said...

Oh but it sounds like it would not be distracting at all to what you are watching on tv! And the videos are both so cute they are getting so big I miss them. Give them both big hugs and kisses for me!

Connie said...

Ha~works now. To precious! Glad I could get on. I will have to catch up now.
PS. Scrapbook Max:) Just in case you forgot.

Ashley Skye said...

First of all Treyton has got some moves!!! Wow maybe he should go on idol he has stage presence - -

Alexa what a kisser where are all of Aunt Skyes Kisses -

I love both videos thanks so much for sharing them