Thursday, March 26, 2009

Tim's Update 3/26

Treyton helping dress Daddy's fingers

This morning Tim had an appointment with Dr. L (his surgeon). At the appointment they undressed his hand and we got to see it for the first time since surgery.... appetizing... (or not).

After seeing his finger again, I am reminded by how amazing God is and how long of a road Tim has in front of him. Tim counted 25 stitches on just his pinky finger.

The Dr. was happy with how well it looked and said that Tim could undress and redress his hand once a day and that he could even shower without the splint on if he was able to tolerate the pain. They gave him a new splint (the last one was pretty goobered up), and said that he would see him in a week.

At this point, Tim's recovery is going as good as can be expected. He is no longer on pain medicine, though he is still experiencing pain he is able to manage it on his own. He is still easily exhausted but is improving a little everyday. If he does overdo it, the pain in his hand is less managable so he learned quickly to take it easy and take care of himself.

We want to thank all of you for your prayers this last week, I can't tell you how much we have felt them. Our God is such an awesome God and we thank Him for His faithfulness throughout this. Even in the middle of our storm, we feel the peace of God in amazing ways.

We do have to ask for your continued prayers for Tim. He still has a long road of healing ahead of him and we have some specific ways for you to pray (if you feel so lead):
~ We pray for complete functionality in the finger
~ We pray that the nerve damage that has occured will be reversed and that he will have complete feeling in both his ring finger and pinky
~ Pray that he will not need a skin graph
~ Pray for continued peace and strength throughout this time as our family adjusts to Tim being able to help less than he normally does

Thanks guys for being the best friends and family EVER!!
We love you!

(This is just an extra picture of Lexie --- she got stuck under the chair --- too cute!)

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Tami Jo said...

Aaahhhhh...poor Alexa. She's stuck and I can just see it; her parents are laughing while running to get the camera before they rescue her. (Don't worry I would do the same exact thing...that picture is priceless.)