Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This morning Treyton and I were playing catch. He had missed the ball that I threw to him (I'm sure it was totally his fault, too, seeings as I how I could never throw a ball, ahem, poorly) As he ran to go get the ball he said "Sorry, my bad!"

After lunch Treyton and Alexa were down stairs and I was upstairs going through our linens packing some and getting rid of some (the usual these days) and Treyton started yelling at Alexa for knocking his house down (he was playing with his big legos). I hollered down to him "Treyton, you need to be nice, she's just a baby." And he said back "Well this baby keeps knocking my house down."

(this is a picture of Treyton and his cousin Sawyer)

This morning, Treyton and I were having some quiet time in my room during the baby's morning nap. The baby woke up and I went to stick the pacifier back in her mouth when I heard Treyton yell, and then start to cry (never a good sign). When I got back to the room, all I can see is Treyton (shoulders on down) sticking out from under the bottom of my bed, legs and arms flailing.
I gasped and said "Treyton what happened?"
"My head is stuck" he sobbed
I dropped down on my knees beside him and evaluated the situation. Sure enough, his head was really stuck and he was starting to panic.
I ran to get the phone.... I had to call Tim... We have a queen size bed and I didn't think there was any way that I could lift it on my own for him to move his head out without the fear of dropping it back down on him.
I ran back to Treyton and held his hand while I relayed to Tim what was happening (yes, both Tim and I giggled a little).
Tim informed me that I could in fact lift the bed on my own and to go ahead and try it.
Luckily I was able to and all is well :)

Treyton's newest thing is saying "kinda like"
For example "cottage cheese is kinda like ranch" and I'll say "not really" and then he will say something like "they're both white"
Sometimes he's way off though, the other day as we pulled into Wal-Mart he said "Starbucks!! Yay!!"
I said "This isn't starbucks babe, this is Wal-Mart"
"Kinda like Starbucks"
"Not really. Not really like Starbucks at all. Starbucks serves coffee and Wal-Mart is a really big store."
"Kinda the same."
"Nope, not the same"


Tami Jo said...

Oh Treyton...thank you so much for always making me smile. Also, THANK YOU so much for helping your mom and dad take such good care of Sawyer while I was away.

Alexis said...

May I ask HOW Treyton managed to get his head stuck under the bed??? Oh! Yeah - it's Treyton we are talking about!!
I had to laugh I can see it all in my mind - Amber, telling Treyton to be calm while running in a panic for the phone to call Tim - like what is HE gonna do, really?? By the time he got home one of the two of them would have died from a heart attack or something.
Reminds me of the time Amber called right after Treyton was born cause he had boop up the wazu and she is ruuning around with Treyton in one hand the phone it the other saying, "Mom what am I gonna do it is everywhere and I can't set him down anywhere - how do I do this" - probably misses something in the translation but at the time it was hilarious. However, as the experienced Mom, I had to try and supress my laughter while trying to calm her down. I think we finally decided to set Treyton in the baby bath tub until she could get him cleaned up.
Oh, Am, you've come a long way babe - your house isn't even all the same lovely beige color in EVERY room anymore!! Amazing!