Friday, March 20, 2009


Last night for dinner we made kabobs (one of my favorites), Treyton doesn't enjoy them all that much because really the only thing he likes to eat off of them is the meat and green pepper. Overall Treyton is not a picky eater. He's always eaten veggies well and if we sit at the table long enough he will eventually eat whatever he is served. Last night however he was trying to "negotiate" (which is not abnormal for our future salesman), Tim and I tried the "starving children in Africa" approach.
We told Treyton that some kids don't have the nice food that he has, or even milk (he always wants Orange Juice) or even clean water to drink.
Treyton caught on right away and Tim and I smiled at each other with pride as Treyton listed off several more of his luxuries that other children don't have. The conversation went something like this:
"Other kids don't have a TV"
"No, you're right"
"Some kids don't have a fireplace"
"That's true"
"Those kids are really bored".....

Okay, so it didn't go the way we expected, but at least he understands he has things other kids don't have.... right?


The other day Treyton wanted some gum, he knows that he only gets a half of a piece, so he brings it to me and says "Can I have some gum?" "sure" I say "but only half"
"I want the big piece" (meaning the bigger of the two halves)
"okay" I said and I broke it into two "Is that piece big?" I ask
"Oh yeah, that piece is HUGE" he said!


For lunch today I poured Treyton a glass of lemonade and he said "Wow, that's alot of lemonade" and I said "What do you say when you get a lot of lemonade?"
He said "Whew Hewwww!!!!"
(I was looking for Thank You)



Jaime said...

Treyton made me laugh. Thanks for sharing. Tim has been in my prayers alot tonight. I hope there is a good report in the morning! Love you guys, Jaime

Tami Jo said...

OH man! Tretyon you crack me up!