Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Home Family!!

We're finally in our new home! I say finally not because it took so long (or maybe it was the opposite) but because it's a lot of work moving!! Yikes..... as of right now I don't see myself moving EVER again (okay, so that may not be the complete truth, but I'll say it anyway)

I hate even attaching pictures because we're not all put together yet (the pictures are not hung, and we're still finding places for everything) but so many of you have asked for pictures so here are a few to get you started! This is my side of the master bath.... I LOVE the space in our bathroom. We each have our own sides, closets, sinks, EVERYTHING - it's every girl's fantasy.

This is the kitchen looking into the dining room, it's a pretty open layout which is something that's a must for us! We also have tons of windows which is my favorite part for SURE!

This is the living room and the fireplace (which is Treyton's favorite part of the house)

Also, I just want to say thank you to my mother-in-law who did almost all of the painting for us (she is a God-send for SURE!) and to my sister-in-law Toni who helped me pick out paint colors and correlate things (something I'm not so good at)!


Tami Jo said...

I am so excited for you and the rest of the fam. As I said on moving day on Friday...."WELCOME HOME SCHOESSOW FAMILY WELCOME HOME!"

Anonymous said...

Hooray! very nice.

Jessica said...

Congratulations! It looks REALLY nice! :-)

donna said...

It was my pleasure and glad that I was able to help you out. I love it and I'm sure you can call it "home" already. Looking forward to more pictures in the future when you have your internet up and going.
Love you Lots!!

Jaime said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so glad you made it in. The kids look like they were having fun already. Love you guys.

DramaMama said...

Yea! Great pictures! Can't wait to see it in person!! When can I come over??? Tomorrow is open. :) Or Wednesday or we can come over after M&M. :)
Or we can wait until you are more put together. We'll be chomping at the bit but we could wait.
Love ya!