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Faithfulness: Part 3 Spiritual Warfare

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In the first two parts of this series we discussed the faithfulness of God. We know that God is faithful, He has proven Himself to be trustworthy through scripture, and through our sufferings. But knowing that God is faithful can sometimes leave us confused when we go through times in our life that we aren't experiencing God's presence in our lives and we aren't seeing His promises to us fulfilled. I'm not referring to trials and sufferings, I'm referring to anytime we aren't experiencing the faithfulness and promises of God fulfilled in our life.
This can leave us wondering: If God is faithful why do we feel so.... alone, abandoned, let-down, and disappointed? Why aren't we experiencing God's presence and guidance in a clear, constant, undoubtable way?

There are many possible roadblocks between God's faithfulness and promises and our reception of them. Beginning in this post, and continuing on into part 4 and possibly part 5, I am going to begin discussing what I believe some of the primary thieves of God's faithfulness and blessings in our life are.

1. Spirirtual Warfare: I think that John Eldredge does a fabulous job of addressing this specific area in our lives. One of the points that John Eldredge makes in his books, is the fact that the enemy is constantly looking for any area in our lives to lie to us about, and he is hoping that we will make an agreement with him about ourselves or about God.
"The Enemy will take any small victory he can get. After a while it just becomes a cloud we live under, accept as normal." "Most of the time we don't recognize it as an attack. At first it tends to be vague - not voices in the head, not an obvious assault, but more of a "sense" we have, an impression, a feeling that comes over us. The power of suggestion."
The Bible tells us that Satan is out there to "seeking someone to devour" (1 Peter 5:8). He is going to do everything in his power to prevent you from experiencing the promises of God in your life. I can guarantee that we all have some agreements that we have made about ourselves, others and/or God. These lies that you are believing will negatively affect your life, relationships and walk with God.
Remember, these agreements will be subtle and hard to recognize. But you can be sure that they are causing you heartache and pain. Look for the areas of your life that you are most emotional about - the people or situations in your life that "hit your buttons" or annoy you.... start there.

What do your agreements look like? To give you a taste of what these agreements will look like I've thought of some of the lies that I have (and sometimes still do) struggle with, they include:
~ 'God must not love me enough to step-in here'
~ 'My prayers are affecting the entire group - I am the reason why our prayers aren't being answered'
~ 'I'm a horrible person, God would never want to help me.'
~ 'This problem isn't big enough to bother God with. God doesn't care about something this insignificant.'
~ 'God doesn't have my best interest at heart'
~ 'God can't possibly understand what I am going through'
~ 'So-and-so is purposely trying to hurt my feelings'

Regardless of what the lie is, any agreements that you have made with the enemy can and will prevent you from stepping out in faith to experience God's faithfulness, especially in that area. This is huge!! This is something that the enemy does NOT want you to realize, so please, take time, reflect and ask God to show you the areas in your heart and mind that you are believing that are not true.

John 10:10 "The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly." This is Jesus talking! This is a very real truth - Satan does NOT want you to experience God. This is something we all must face, because it exist in each of our lives. Just because we choose to ignore it doesn't mean we aren't a part of it.

If this is an area that you need to explore deeper, some books and resources that I would recommend to you are "Waking the Dead" John Eldredge, "Captivating" John Eldredge and "The Lies Women Believe and the Truth that sets them Free." Nancy DeMoss, and my friend Jaime's Blog (actually I would recommend her blog for almost all of the specific points we're going to be discussing, she is my bestest friend and I recommend her with the highest confidence!!)

I thought about going on with some of the other topics I had in mind, but I'm going to take a break for now, mostly because I want you to take some time with this. I pray that you will seriously stop and take a look at this in your life. Many of our next points stem from some of the agreements that we have made in the past, the sooner we identify our personal agreements, the sooner we can begin to fight them with the truth!!

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