Friday, April 24, 2009

Letter Advise

As most of you know, Treyton and I have been homeschooling for preschool this year. We have really had a blast so far, and though we spent most of the first half of the year doing crafts and games, this last half of the year Treyton has really started to absorb some of the more concrete lessons (letters and numbers).

I have come up with a few cute games and ideas for learning numbers, this seems to be easy seeings as how math/numbers are such a "hands-on" subject. However, I am struggling coming up with hands-on/fun ways to teach letters.

I had started with introducing a letter, we practice writing it (which is his favorite part) we then come up with items/words that start with that letter (ex: R = rainbow, run, red, rocket, etc.) I may do a few crafts associated with the words (rainbow pictures, etc.) reading the story of the first rainbow (Noah's ark) have a running exercise/game, a raisin snack, etc. However, although this is fun (and we plan on continuing to do some of this), and he is slowly getting the hang of it, I would like to come up with something a little more "hands-on" as he seems to catch on to things like that so much faster.

I actually feel like we are missing a step. I am trying to associate letters with words, when he doesn't really even understand letters together make up words.... does that make sense?

Anyhow, I think that I need to take a few steps back. I'm looking for some fun games (like my ladybug game) and exercises that we can do.... I know it's hard to put such an abstract thing (letters) into a hands-on game, but I'm looking for anything that worked for you guys.... any advice, tips, games, etc. are appreciated.


Catherine ~ The Purple Pear ~ said...

How about a game like memory? He can flip over the cards to match capital with lowercase letters, or a letter with a picture of an item that begins with that letter, etc.

You can use magnetic letters and a cookie sheet.

Hide letters around the room (you can even use index cards with letters written on them). As he finds each one, have him bring it to you. Encourage him to say the letter, the sound, and a word that begins with that sound.

Use Easter eggs... With a Sharpie, write capital letters on the top halves of the eggs and lowercase letters on the bottom halves. Break apart the plastic eggs, mix up the pieces, and have him join them together again by matching capital to lowercase.

Hope that helps a bit!

amyb said...

Hi Amber,
I should show you a curriculm I bought a year ago that may give you some ideas. For the week of A one of the activities is making a large letter A with masking tape on the floor and singing while the kids walk on it. My two littler ones love this. Samuel is already beyond games like that unless he is in the right playful mood.

I agree with you that some people learn better with hands on. I have seen Samuel learn so much more when he can have something to touch and look it. For examply we made a number chart 1-100. Before that he couldn't make it through the teens, now in a few short months he can count to 100, tells time and has a huge interest in any numbers (temperature, minutes, etc).
Let me encourage you too that with the boys and probably all kids, they learn best when they are ready. I have seen this so clearly this year, any guilt I had about how loose my schedule has been is erased when I look at how much Samuel has learned. Is it all traditional kindergarten stuff? No. He has a huge interest in space, moon and planets and flying. So we have learned a lot about these topices and he has amazed some adults with his wealth of knowledge on these things, but he can't tie his shoes. Oh well, in time.