Saturday, April 11, 2009

Lots of Family Pictures

I have had a lot of fun taking pictures lately, you all know how I like to overload you with all my pictures, right? So here it goes.

Just so you are aware, these pictures are going backwards in order. Starting today (part of our Easter) and going back for the last few weeks.

Typical pose of Treyton.... just goofing around on the couch. This is him being patient, waiting for his Easter basket this morning. He gets so excited he just has to move around.

Alexa, waiting for her Easter basket.

Treyton with his new Potato Head - He's very creative!

I just love his smile here. It's not very often at this age that we get Treyton's "real" smile. I really treasure these.

Just having fun.... doing cartwheels and rolls.... Treyton is always having a good time and moving around.

Our Little Princess. Isn't she so proper?

Our Easter Bunnies, Alexa is just about done sitting here like a lady!!

Kite Flying last Wednesday (before the stomach flu :))

Our house is perfect for kite flying, we get a strong breeze off of the field across the street. I think I was the most excited, I was running around yelling like a kid. This was the best I had ever remembered flying a kite, actually the only time I remembered flying a kite.

Lexie, napping. This hasn't happened all to much in the last few weeks, so this is a nice reminder that it once existed :)

Treyton got new shoes from Mommer, this is him showing them off for the camera.

Watching Big Brother play outside.

Looking through our window at Treyton.

This is one of Treyton's favorite games right now. We pour a little water on the table and then he zooms his cars and trucks around. (notice the tongue.... just like his dad!!)


Ashley Skye said...

oh goodness how cute are they? I love the pictures it is nice to see what you are all doing!!!!

Tami Jo said...


Anonymous said...

I love the new pictures. Your Kids are growing so fast.

Kristi E