Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Road to Recovery.... ?

Our family may be on the road to recovery....

Alexa finally seems to be improving. Today she actually ate two decent meals. For dinner tonight she actually ate a (#2) jar of baby food, 1/3 of a boiled sweet potatoe, 1/2 a can of pears, and a few steamed carrots!! Then she drank 4 ounces of milk after that!! This was a HUGE meal, especially compared to what she has been eating.... up to this point, we've been lucky to get 1/2 a jar of baby food down and she's only been eating 2 ounces of formula every 2 hours (even through the night).
She only woke up twice last night (4 & 6am) and her energy level seemed to be much better today. Typically in the afternoons, after her nap, she has been lathargic and seems barely able to move around on her own, but today she kept her energy until about 30 minutes before bed time.
This is great news - I'm so excited to finally see her acting like her "old" self again.

Tim ended up going to see Dr. L on Monday about his finger, which was still swollen. The doc said he either didn't pull the pin out all the way, or that the pin could have shifted back down to the knuckle/joint area, either way, he either had to pull it partially out some more or go ahead and remove it. Because the fracture looked like it was healing pretty well from the x-ray on Friday he went ahead and decided to remove the pin entirely.
Tim will be cancelling his therapy appointment for tomorrow, his hand is still too sore to move at all. He said it was still pretty swollen and he actually felt like the pin was still in it. If he wants to bend his finger at all, he literally has to use his other hand to fold it down and back up. At this point he has absolutely NO functionality in it. I believe this is normal, his tendons have not been moved in almost 6 weeks.... it's going to take time and therapy to get them working again.
Tim goes back in on Friday for the doctor to take another look and make sure that things are progressing and should start therapy next week if all goes as plans.

As of right now, we are back in Portage, we came down Sunday night. I decided to come to be closer to my friend Jaime if and when she needed me while she helps her family make the final arrangements for her little niece Nevaeh. Please continue to lift them up in your prayers.... they have an incredibly long road ahead of them.

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