Thursday, April 23, 2009


Treyton now has the stomach flu, please keep him in your prayers. He just started getting sick, I pray it's a one time thing.... please pray with me!


Jessica said...

Sorry! I hope you guys don't get it!

DramaMama said...

Stay healthy! Get some rest!
I bought a book for you at the book sale that was at Appleton Alliance today: The Stomach Virus and Other Forms of Family Bonding by Kathy Peel. :)
It gives encouragement, faith and insight, as well as humor, on the ups and downs of family living.
I may end up reading it this weekend before I get it to you, which I hope will be on Tuesday, the last Moms Inc. of the season.
I can fill you in on the other book finds, if you are interested, later. I came away with some nice treats. :)
Take care! I am thinking and praying for you guys.

Jaime said...

Well, I'm sorry Treyton is sick, but it makes me feel a whole lot better that it was just the stomach flu and nothing else going on with little Alexa. I will pray for all of you today. Hang in there!! Love you!