Thursday, June 4, 2009

Update on my Yearly Goals

Seeing as how we are half-way through the year I thought I would post a little update on my yearly goals (cause I know you all are dying to know!!)

~ Talk with God Daily As always this is a work in progress, this is a learning process and I am definitely learning more. I have read some great books and heard some great sermons that have allowed me to learn to hear and discern the voice of God better.

~ Develop a daily quiet time "routine" - routine is the wrong word, but I want a system of some sort.... I'm going to start with more of an inductive study approach (I think) but I need to stop "jumping all over the place" - I'm doing pretty good with the "daily" part it's just unorganized and it's driving me nuts! I have certainly found a system that works well for me, and while I am always critiquing my approach I am happy with what I have found.

~ Excercise 2-3 times a week Um Yeah, not so much on this one

~ Plant a vegetable garden, bigger than the one I had last summer I have some Tomato plants from my niece Emma to plant, and I also have some green beans that I plan on planting as well - however, our plans for a garden got put on hold after Tim's hand injury - he was (and is to some extent) unable to do the work to get a garden put together for the summer --- next year for sure --- and we are doing what we can

~ Memorize 24 scriptures (2 a month) So far I am on track with this - I do 2 verses a month with Beth Moore's blog.... This is something that I recommend for everyone!!! It literally changes your life.

~ Display more nicely framed pictures throughout the house
This did happen but strangely enough - it's at a new/different house.

~ Make a quilt for Tim & I's bedroom

~ Become a better photographer.... I would love to take a class, but even if I can't learning new techniques would suffice I am working on this (thanks to MckMama's blog)

~ Finish reading the entire Bible for the first time.... and then start again
I DID IT!! This is probably the thing I am most proud of and excited about --- this is my first time through and I (today) started it over again, hopefully this time I finish faster than 2 1/2 years --- either way it's still good.

~ Complete Treyton's first year of preschool - going all the way through the letter "Z" in our curriculum
We did not get all the way through Z on that curriculum but we did finish the school year with a bang and Treyton learned far more than I expected --- this is a great time of year for him so we are actually not "done" for the year --- he usually asks to do school 3-4 times a week so we're still doing it.

~ Read 25, books or more On my way to complete this

~ Start serving in my church
I am currently doing nursery but have decided this is not my place in the church so I will probably be stepping down soon.

~ Redecorate the upstairs bathroom
Does moving count?!?!

~ Blog a reflective post once a week I think I'm doing okay on this one... I haven't kept track

~ Scrapbook: catch up my scrapbook, finish Treyton & Alexa's one-year albums

~ Learn at least one new way to be more natural (examples of things I already do: cloth diapers, vegetable garden)

~ Get back to having a date-night with my hubby

~ Make more home videos
I am definetly doing better with this not that I plan on stopping

~ Have a girls-night out once a month Not so much here

~ Touch-up paint throughout the house, and add some more decorative touches throughout the home
(easy enough - I moved)

~ Read to my children more often I am doing this and will continue to do this with the help of our new sonlight curriculum

~ Change the oil in my car - once Not so much, in fact I just took my car in to get the oil changed.... we had a free coupon!!

~ Teach Treyton his alphabet We're not through the alphabet but he is learning more - I think I was a little tunnel visioned here ---- Treyton hasn't learned his complete alphabet yet but learned other things that I didn't even think of (like where Wisconsin is on a US map, recognizing numbers 1-5, all of his colors, shapes, starting to learn the days of the week, etc.)

~ Learn of a non-violent way to get rid of rabbits
Mission accomplished (we moved!)

~ Make a scarf for my brother-in-law I started it....hmmm.... where did I put that???

~ Learn how to use photoshop or someother similiar program to edit, and create my own digital scrapbooking buttons and such SLOWLY learning, but I certainly know more now than I did before.


cima said...

you are doing well - I not even made a list.Next year my goal will be to make a list

Skye said...

Thank you so much for sharing your list it looks like you are doing well! I hope you are as proud of yourself as I am of you!

As far as a once a month girls night - I would like to do this with you if you wanted - we could put some dates together!!! If you plan in advance I can make this happen with my schedule I just have trouble with short notice - UM 1st one June 26th?????