Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Want a Signature?

Wow, I'm so glad you all like my new signature... thanks for the e-mails and comments!!

To get your own signature head over to My Live Signature it will walk you through how to actually create the signature.... you can actually scan your own or go through their hundred or so fonts and pick one of your own, you can then pick the size, color, slant, etc. (that's what I did)
Once you have designed your signature you will be given your own html code.

With your code you can (if you so desire) put the code at the bottom of each of your postings (lots of work) or you can set it to appear in each post.

To do this go to "Customize"
Then go to "Settings"
Scroll all the way down and paste your code in "post template"
Your signature will now appear automatically when you go to make a post.


Jaime said...

Did it. Thanks for the tips!!

Tara said...

I was just wondering that. I read the blogs on www.momswithoutblogs.com and they all have those and then I saw you did too but was afraid to ask how. I'll give it a try. Thanks!

Jessica said...

Thank you! Now we can all be cool like you! :-)