Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend Post

We called the on-call doctor for Tim's hand today, as it has swollen quite a bit since yesterday (Tim is saying double). He is also experiencing a significant level of pain, he says that his hand hasn't hurt this bad since days after the surgery. Tim tends to think that there was some damage done with the taking out of the pins, I'm not so sure that this isn't normal... I mean think about it.... THERE WAS AN ACTUAL PIN IN HIS BONE, not to mention the fact that his tendons, which were completely severed, have not been moved for over 5 weeks!! I mean... Yeah.... sounds painful to me!


The on-call Doc said that it does sound a little "off" and that it shouldn't be swollen as much as it is, and he had a concern that Tim may have gotten an infection (we're not so sure that's what it is), so he is now back on a stronger antibiotic (very important to take with food), and we are to call back tomorrow if he doesn't notice a difference.

Date-Nite with Treyton
Tonight we were planning to take the family to our favorite sushi/Japanese restaurant, we had invited Aunt Toni to join us but she had already made plans with Cousin Waylon, so Toni offered to watch Lexie while we went. (Thank you, thank you, thank you, Aunt Toni!!)We took her up on the opportunity to spend some alone time with Treyton, something we hadn't done since Lexie was born.

It was AWESOME!!

Treyton absolutely LOVED the habachi. His favorite parts were the fire that went up to the ceiling, the cook throwing shrimp into his hat and pocket, and the umbrellas that came in his kiddie cocktails (yes, he got TWO drinks!!). It was such a treat to spend a little time with our little man alone. He just soaked up the attention. I realize now just how important this is for both kids.... to get some alone time with mom and dad together.

Hope that you all have a great rest of your weekend!!


Tami Jo said...

How much fun is that!!! I wished I could have seen his face through the whole experience. Did you take any pictures?

DramaMama said...

I hope things improve quickly for Tim! You all have been through so much! Don't let the enemy get you down!