Sunday, May 31, 2009

Awesome Children's Book

This week while I was at the CHEA convention I picked up a new book for Treyton - I really love it so I just have to pass it on to you!!

This book is the best book (even for adults) that I have read on the Trinity (then again, I haven't read that many) and it just so happens to be broken down to a level that even our children can understand.

The illustrations are simple and colorful and Treyton has already asked to have it read to him 4 times (and I've only had it home since Friday night!). As shown by the cover of the book - the author uses the illustration of an apple and the concept of the peel, flesh and core of an apple and how there are three parts but only one apple - and even goes into how the three parts have different functions, but are still the same apple.

It really is a great book... for those of you interested I did find it on Christian Book Distributors for $7.49 amazon has it for $9.49


Catherine ~ The Purple Pear ~ said...

I'm so glad you posted this! Miss R has been confused about this concept (well, it can be tricky for adults too). :) I just might have to pick that up.

Jessica said...

We have this book too, and I think it does a great job!

Skye said...

I think I may need to get that book - We are just introducing this concept I think that may help - THANKS