Friday, May 22, 2009

make Your Own Prayer Journal

I doubt many of you remember, but several weeks ago I said that I would post regarding the prayer journal that i had picked up and was loving!

The prayer journal is called "The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer" and is written by Lisa Welchel. I actually got the book at a pharmacy when we went to go get bandages for Tim's hand (that was what two months ago?) Anyhow, I have absolutely loved it and it has changed my prayer life FOR sure.

I have often felt like I just didn't have enough time to pray - when I would sit and make a list of "prayer requests" it would literally take me an hour - not to mention the fact that I hadn't actually PRAYED for them yet. I obviously would start with myself and my family and list the needs and blessings for my husband, children and our home.... just getting through all of that was alot but then I knew I should pray for our other friends and family, the government, the church, missions, etc.... not to mention the many prayer requests you receive throughout the day/week. It can be rather exhaustive when you think about it and often times, I would find my self just that, exhausted... and almost stressed out - is this what prayer is supposed to be Lord, I'm overwhelmed. But all of these things are good and they need to be brought before you..... how can I get this down without stressing myself out? That's when this prayer journal came into play and it's been much better ever sense.

The prayer journal is divided into 20 days - meant to be done 5 days a week (I suppose she's leaving out the weekend), and is divided into 6 primary topics (that stay the same) throughout the week
(1) PRAISE: a praise on a part of God's character (for example, His forgiveness, mercy, grace, holiness, compassion, etc.)
(2) YOURSELF: each day you pray for a specific area of your own life (your tongue, your role as a mother, your role as a wife, prayer life, confession, etc.)
(3) YOUR HUBBY: you pray for a specific area of your husband's life everyday (your relationship with Him, his relationship with God, his role as a father, provider, leader, etc)
(4) YOUR CHILDREN: same thing here (their ability to learn, future spouse, anger, coming to know the Lord, sibling rivalry, purity, schooling, etc.)
(5) PERSONAL INFLUENCES: each day a new you pray over an area that your life personally touches (teachers, pastors, coworkers, prayer requests, sick friends, family, etc.)
(6) REACHING BEYOND: this is the category of those areas that need to be prayed for but may not be in your direct reach (missions, government, economy, etc.)

There are blank spaces in the book where I went ahead and added my own catergories: I did friends and then a family category -
I happen to have 20 extended family members, so I put one on each day and I pray for a specific one each day, I did the same with 20 friends - I made a list of the first twenty friends that came to mind and put them in --- I have since added a few but you get the point.

Each day that Lisa put in she included a verse and two small prayers (one directly from the verse and another from her own heart). From the ones that I wrote myself I have slowly added in verses for the people as they have come to me (and some do not have verses yet, but I'm still waiting on the Lord for those :))

The reason I tell you about this journal in such detail is because Lisa mentions the fact that she first wrote this journal for herself using a binder.
I know for many of us, money doesn't grow on a tree in the back yard, so anywhere we can save is nice - if prayer is a struggle for you I encourage you to take a binder or journal and divide it into a method similar to this

Make a list of the things that you want/need to pray for - I'm sure you will have different areas on your heart than mine, but for most of us - our hubby and children are a priority and we can easily come up with 20 days worth of prayer requests for those categories - make other categories that you will use (use the ones from above if you need to) and those that God has placed on your heart - depending on how you set your journal up these will not include specific requests - you want to be able to set it up so that you can use the same journal over and over. So you may not want to put in a specific request but rather a category/topic that that request will fall under (example: the sick, unsaved friends, etc.) also keep in mind that the prayer requests we get from others (I know I get several in my e-mail box a week) can be prayed for immediatly and will more than likely be more urgent than a 20-day cycle so you may want to have a separate list/place for those.

I don't know how clearly I am relaying all of this - but if you have any questions just let me know. I hope you have a great time not only making your prayer journal but in using it as well. I know for me, it has been a true blessing and has allowed me to pray for more things more often with greater passion!! It's literally been an answer to prayer!!


Jaime ~ For His Glory said...

You had mentioned your prayer journal during one of our conversations and I kept meaning to send you an email and ask you to blog about it. So thanks for sharing!

Ashley Skye said...

Thank you for sharing about your prayer journal. It actually got me thinking and I am looking for some advise about this one - I have always wanted to Write Letters to God - It always seems that I can pray to him about specific things at moments then there are times I really feel like i am just talking to myself I have wondered about writing my prayers to him.

Do you think I could use that journal for that as well or should I maybe try to make my own?

Once again thank you for sharing the things you find I would never have imagined such a thing was even out there!!!!

Amber said...

No, this journal doesn't really have room for "letters" to God... Every other page is blank but is set up to put in new categories, they're not just blank lines (does that make sense?)
I think the letter thing is a GREAT idea, but I would recommend a journal for that sort of thing...
Thanks for asking

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind, I pinned this post on Pinterest. I love your ideas on the prayer journal. If you don't approve, I will remove it. Just wanted to share!