Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Picture Catch-Up

Yep, it's that time again.... more pictures... I know how much you've all missed them, so here they are :)

Most of the pictures are from this past weekend from our "Spring Fling" at Tim's parents. I had such a great time. I absolutely loved it and I think I actually had more fun than the kids!!

The pictures at the end are actually from a few weeks ago, when we were going through our series of illnesses.

Me and the kids, before the party... we tried to get a picture of the two kids alone, but for some reason Lexie had an attitude and wanted nothing to do with her brother.... he was being so sweet to her.... I don't get it, but we got a few cute ones of Tim and I with the kids.

Daddy & Alexa

Treyton just loved the canoe and asked in the morning if he could go for a ride, so later during the "fling" Tim and I took him out.... it was alot of fun, but kinda scary, as you can imagine, Treyton isn't the "stillest" kid.

Of course I had to throw in at least one of the two kids together

Uncle Tom and Treyton.... typical :)

The green team treasure hunt... I LOVED THIS... I told you I had a good time :)

Family Kite flying was a blast.... the wind could have helped us out a little better....

we did pretty good with what we had....

but there seems their is always one in the family who decides to put a kite in the tree....

"It's WAAYYYY up there"

Eventually if fell out of the tree into the water.... Terry went out to save it.... but it took a little teamwork.

The kids didn't seem to mind the setback... here are Emma and Treyton, just cruisin.

I thought these were so cute.... isn't she a doll?

This is what it looks like at our house when the kids are sick

Sickness doesn't slow Treyton down for too long, here he is "back to work" washing his car.

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Jaime said...

Cute pics. Spring "fling" sounds like lots of fun. We've already lost a kite to a tree!!