Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pictures and Update

Last week we went to the Bay Beach Wildlife reserve with our friends from church - Treyton had a great time looking around at the different animals. That was our first time there - we were really impressed with their set-up for the kids.

This is Treyton feeding the geese - this was Treyton's favorite part - and why wouldn't it be?!!? There were TONS of geese all around him - he actually got one to eat out of his hands - it actually hurts a little bit but it was such a great experience - wild geese eating out of our hands.... too cool! They were also pretty loud "honk, honk" Treyton said on the way home (just like the geese)
This is a picture of Lexie eating spagetti for the first time (in it's original form at least). She has learned to be quite the messy eater :)

This is Lexie outside helping Treyton play his David and Goliath rock game we made for school.

The kids playing dress-up before church on Sunday... Treyton actually ended up wearing the tie to church (he took it off for sunday school) and then when we went out to lunch he also wore it.
I've been replaced by the "newer" princess Lexie... somehow, this does not sadden me :)

These pictures are of Treyton and his friend Sam - who came over yesterday - Treyton and Sam got along GREAT. I have never met a boy that is more like Treyton... it was such a treat to see two common souls bond! It's a strange thing to say but they just seemed to "get one another"
~Notice how Sam is unaffected by the fact that Treyton is leaning up over the windshield... in motion!!~

.... still driving.... just looking at the camera :) Hey, watch the road!!

.... once again... still moving... but looking behind them now. They were actually trying to get away from a bee that they had run over but not killed. Jack (Sam's older brother) was wise enough to jump ship after the incident - but these two just kept on moving waiting for the angry bee to retaliate....

Treyton working with Mat Man for the first time

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Ashley Skye said...

Oh goodness it looks like you had a busy week!! Lots of fun though I am a bit jealous! LOL Lexie looks like she is getting soooo big I cant wait to see you guys I feel like I am missing out on important stuff!!

I love the pictures of Treyton and his new friend and I look forward to many more stories about the 2 of them.