Friday, May 8, 2009

To My Man

I am a blessed woman, there is no doubt about it. I am blessed in many ways, but the biggest blessing I have is by far my man! (I know people normally write one these on their anniversary... no anniversary today, just moved to tears over how much my man loves me)

I have spent the last 8 years of my life wondering why God decided to bless me with more than what I deserved, with a man that was far beyond my dreams.

We started dating in March of 2001, I was 17 years old at the time. It's weird to say this, but we have been together for almost 1/3 of my life, obviously I have experienced many of my life-markers with him by my side. I moved out on my own (with his help), became an "adult" (when I turned 18), transferred colleges, made the honor-roll, graduated from college, went out of the country for the first time, got married, voted for the first time, had my "true" conversion which included huge growth and conviction changes from the Lord, moved across the state (twice), bought our first home, took my first (& only) full-time job outside the home, became a mom, experienced loss and birth, lost & gained friends, seen our families grow and change; through the big things and the little things, the last 8 years have been with him by my side the whole time, to be honest, I hardly remember life without him there.

What a journey it has been.

Together we have succeeded and together we have failed, whatever has happened, his step has never faltered. He has been a rock for me, a place where I could stand and know that I could trust to be there, no matter what. When we began I was a child, he has watched me and helped me grow; and I am honored to say that I too, have watched him become a man that surpasses any and all expectations that I had of him. He is loving, true and hard-working. He is dedicated and motivated. He thinks things through and has the motivation to get things done. His first priority is and always has been me and the kids, he has done what was necessary to provide for us, love us and protect us, and made us feel a part of whatever he has done. When I have hurt, he has hurt, my joys have been his joys, my pain his pain, my sacrifices, his, my accomplishments his, and his mine. Only God knows why (or how), but he has loved me unconditionally through it all. In my brightest happiest time, his face is the first I see, and in my darkest moments, his face remains the first I see....

I want to thank you for the man that you are. You are an incredible husband, father, friend and partner. I can never repay you for all that you have given me. You are a large part of the reason that I am who I am. Thank you for letting me be me, you have never judged, criticized or tried to change me; you have given me time and space to discover who I was, and to allow God to heal my wounds. Your love has been self-sacrificing and without expectations. When we met, I was a girl, unsure of who I was or what I wanted, but together we have discovered who we both are, and what we wanted out of this life. It was because of your faithfulness that I had the freedom and ability to make it through whatever life has sent our way.
Thank you for looking to me as an equal, allowing me to speak my mind, yet fully willing to take the full responsibility for our actions. Even in our "bad" times, I have learned from you, respected you and loved you; and I felt the same from you. So thank you, not only for loving me, but for respecting me. You are the love of my life and I am so thankful that God knew more than us (or others) when he placed us on the same path. It has been a pleasure to laugh with, fight with, cry with, joke with, pick-on, love with and seek the kingdom with you. My prayer is that I have completed just a small piece in you of what you have completed in me.

Looking back at where we've come from to where we are today, I know it is only by the grace of God that we have what we have. Isn't it amazing, baby? Look at how far we've come! I am overwhelmed with the prospect of what tomorrow will hold.

You are the love of my life and I mean it when I say, I look forward to spending the rest of my life with you,

Your Wife

(The pictures are from August of 2001 - September 2002, sorry for the quality, we didn't have digital back then, so they are pictures of pictures... :))


DramaMama said...

Your comments moved me to tears! You both are so blessed. Amatch made in heaven. God's hands are all over your relationship and life. Continue to turn to Him in all things! Continue to love each other well, to praise and respect each other and to be an inspiration to us all!!
Thanks for sharing. And the pictures too!

Tami Jo said...

You two are absolutely incredible! How you feel about my brother I have always felt about him. Through growing up together he has also taught me a lot and has challenged me in so many areas. Just last night I called him knowing that he would accept me for me, listen to what I had to say during this time and still love and support me. Tim you are AWESOME and I LOVE you so much!

donna said...

WOW~ I hope this doesn't go to his head. It's Mother's Day Sunday not Father's Day.

Seriously now you understand why it was so hard to let my kids go. Being a mother isn't e-z, but knowing that your children made good choices made it a whole lot easier. Thanks Amber for allowing Tim to be Tim, and loving him the way you do. I couldn't ask for a better soulmate for him.
Love you,
PS~ I have to say you guys look young in those pictures, I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you so much babe. You are an unbelievable women, I thank God so much for giving you to me.

You have turned into such a beautiful woman of God, there is nothing more I could ask for. I really do love you more now than the day we married.

Thank you for being such a great wife and Mother to our children. May God continue to pour his mercies upon us and the desire to draw closer to Him.

Now and Forever I Will Always Adore You.


Everyday M.moms said...

Happy mother's day, we wish you the best of all blessings and we have made a little something for you:

God bless you,