Sunday, May 31, 2009

Treytonisms -- taking an opportunity

This morning on our way to church we passed Tim's work
Treyton: There's nobody there (talking about the shop)
Tim: No, cause it's Sunday, Sunday is a day of rest, and we go to church
Treyton: What's before that?
Me: Saturday
Treyton: What is that day?
Tim: Saturday is just a day off - Daddy doesn't work
Treyton: What's after that?
Me: Sunday - church day
Treyton: What's after that?
Tim: Monday
Treyton: What's that day?
Tim: That's the first day that Daddy goes back to work
Treyton: What's after that?
Amber: Tuesday
Treyton: What's that day?
Amber: Just a fun day that we have, while daddy is at work
Treyton: What's after that?
Tim: Wednesday and that's a day that Daddy goes to work and we go to church at night
Treyton: What's after that?
Amber: Thursday
Treyton: What's that day?
Amber: Just another fun day that daddy's at work
Treyton: What's after that?
Tim: Friday - and that's the last day that Daddy is at work.
Amber: And then it is Saturday. There are 7 days.
Treyton: Wow, that's alot!
Amber: Yeah, that is alot - there are 7 days; and 7 days makes 1 week.
Treyton: Wow, that's alot!
Tim: Yeah it is.
(silence for a few moments)
Treyton: Thanks for teaching me that stuff
Amber: (through hysterical sobs) Your Welcome Baby

This conversation just melted my heart and taught me a valuable lesson we are given so many teaching moments with our kids, but sometimes we (okay, I) miss them. Sometimes I rush a conversation or am not even listening but responding with quick little "uh-hus"s or "yeah"s. I am certain that I have missed many precious moments just like this one. I'm just glad that the Lord has allowed me to have more, and that I am learning to take them for what they are and appreciate them. This morning actually reminded me of the verse in Deuteronomy 6 that says we are to talk with our children about God when we are lying down, rising up, walking, in our home, (etc.) It's because it is through the smallest, simplest moments of our lives that our greatest opportunites to teach and imprint the minds, hearts and lives of our children are given.

The greatest part is that even when we don't receive a "Thank You" like we were so blessed to receive this morning, the time we spend talking with our children about even the smallest things is appreciated and noticed by them, our spouse and most importantly God.


Alexis said...

That is one of the sweetest things it almost made me cry!!! Treyton is such a fantastic kid and he is so lucky that God chose to give him to you and Tim. Yes, Amber, treasure those precious moments because before you know it, Treyton will be telling you the sweet and funny stories of what his kids are doing. Isn't being a mom just one of the greatest thing in the whole world??

Amber said...

Yes it really is one of the greatest things --- I feel so blessed.

Skye said...

I love this story! I have actually retold it multiple time I think it is so precious!!