Thursday, May 14, 2009


We were getting ready to do a craft and Bible story - I was trying to get Treyton motivated to get dressed so that we could get started and he said
"Am I going to need to listen?"
Me: "Are you going to need to listen to do the craft?"
Treyton: "Yeah"
Me: "Yes, you are going to need to listen."
Treyton: "Hmmm.... we'll see about that."
Me: "What?"
Treyton: "We'll see if I can be a good boy and if I can listen to get the craft done."
Me: "Yes, I suppose we will."


We went garage sale-ing this morning, and I picked up a cute little people alphabet tree. Treyton was playing with it and said "Mom I need to talk to you about something"
Me: "What is it that you need to talk about, Treyton?"
Treyton: "Why did you get this toy?"
Me: "I bought it at the garage sale because it was cheap. It's cheaper to buy toys at a garage sale than a store because someone else has already been able to play with it."
Treyton: "Kind of like a bird"
Me: "No, it's not like a bird, what do you mean?"
Treyton: "Cheap, cheap.... kind of like a bird."
Me: ~I laughed~ "yeah, kind of sounds like what a bird says, you're right"

Treyton: "Mom, can you come here? Something is going all wrong." (He was playing with his train)
Me: "No, I'm changing the baby, I can't come there right now."
Treyton: "Okay, don't even worry about it - I got it"

While having a conversation about computer games, we got to a point in our conversation where I wasn't able to understand Treyton (come to find out he was trying to say "question" but I totally didn't get that) Treyton looked at me and said:
Mom, you need to talk better!

Treyton went to the circus with his Aunt Toni a few months ago and since then he has used his animals several times like they were at the circus and always at the beginning he says:
"Ladies and Genamin" ---- it's the cutest thing you really have to hear him say it!!


Jaime ~ For His Glory said...

I laughed out loud at the garage sale story. That was great!

Tami Jo said...

Of course garage sales are kind of like birds just as Targe is kind of like Starbucks! Man...Treyton I LOVE YOU!