Monday, May 25, 2009


Tim and Treyton were over at the old house mulching the flower beds, it had started to sprinkle a little bit and Treyton said something like "No more rain God."
Tim: What did you say?
Treyton: I was just talking to God - I asked Him to stop the rain
Tim: Oh that's a good idea
Treyton: Yeah, He said "Yes"
Tim: Wow that's cool!
Treyton: Yeah, God is good
Tim: Yes, God is GREAT!

*Later when we were talking to Treyton about the story he said the same thing again - he only added "He's the biggest bestest God I have ever seen!"

Treyton: Is Daddy at work today?
Me: Yes, Daddy is at work
Treyton: I don't want daddy to go to work - I just love him too much
Me: I love daddy alot too, and you know what?
Treyton: What?
Me: Daddy loves us alot too, that's why he goes to work - so that he can buy us food and clothes and nice things
Treyton: Yeah, but I just love him too much for all that.

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Ashley Skye said...

He is getting so smart - it is awesome to hear when he talks about God - the understanding he has at such a young age and the faith is amazing. Thank you for raising your son to be a Godly boy. He is an inspiration to me to see God from the eyes he sees HIM.