Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pictures for You

Had a couple cute pictures from our weekend I thought I would share with you all.
Mom tickling Treyton at the water park

Shayla Posing.... such a cutie

Running for the water.... two peas in a pod... I can still hear Shayla's cute little voice "come on te-te let's go in the water"

Daddy and Lexie - Lexie was pretty fussy, she was pretty tired when we got there

Treyton and his goggles

Our Earth Princess - climbing on and into the dish washer

Isn't she beautiful?

We started home-school again this week - so if you are interested in what's going on with us in our schooling, check out our Refined Metals Academy Blog

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lexie's First Pair of Shoes

As most of you know, Lexie has been walking exclusively for the past two weeks, so we finally decided it was time to get her the proper equipment!

Tonight we went to Target and got Lexie her first pair of shoes. I was a little worried that she would stop walking or have a hard time adjusting - but she didn't - AT ALL! In fact, she instantly wanted to walk around in them, so we let her walk around the entire store for the rest of the shopping trip (by the end she was certainly tired, but) she enjoyed herself!

When I was getting her dressed for bed, I took them off, she grabbed them and tried to put them back on... seems as though she's going to be like her Auntie Autumn (all about the shoes!!!)

It was so surreal having two kids follow us around the store --- I can't believe how fast this is going!! I also can't believe what a true princess she really is - she loves getting dressed, she loves necklaces, shoes, purses, you name it - if it's an accessory, she's all about it!!

She looks like she is walking o carefully here, but she's actually about to bend down and pick up the camera cap :)

Here she is, our busy walker!!

And this one is just extra, it was just too cute to pass up --- Lexie is learning how to kiss!!

Summer Fun

This afternoon after naps, we decided to have our snack outside - sugar free fudgesicles... Alexa especially enjoyed hers.

Treyton in the pool (where he's been for the last 3 days!!)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

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Vacation Update Part 6: We're Home

We made it home!!

We got in last night at 7:53 our time (8:53) Virginia time.

Tim says the kids have changed (mostly Lexie) - he says she's stronger now and he is able to wrestle with her more. He also thinks she is chunkier and looks more like him (he actually said those two separately, but how could I resist?). He's surprised to see her walk everywhere (even though I told him she was) and even more surprised to realize that she's into more than even she was before.

Treyton and Tim are back to their old ways (already) wrestling, laughing and tearing up the house.... even as I type this I just hear Treyton running and screaming from dad and running into anything in his path.... man it's great to be back.

Yesterday went.... okay, the kids (and mom) were ready to get home. We stopped by Mount Vernon on our way to the airport I really wanted to do the tour but it was pretty crowded and we weren't able to get it done in time so we had to skip... I was pretty disappointed, but I guess that just means we will have to go back sometime!!

We got to the airport 2 hours early, and I'm glad we did - it was a mad house. We made it through okay, but it was certainly more tense and stressful for Skye and I which rubbed off on the kids. Treyton was a little sassier and was having a hard time listening, but even at his worst, I was thankful for his behavior. He was such a big boy the entire trip.

Our first flight got off the ground late because they had changed the plane which interfered with some of the seating and their computers were not working properly.... we were about 45 minutes late. Once we got to Detroit we were supposed to have an hour and half to get to our plane but because of the delay, we literally got to our gate and got on the plane, so sad to say, no dinner for us (I had enough snacks for the kids but Skye and I were a little hungry).

Lexie had been going to sleep at 7:30 Virginia time every night so needless to say the flights interfered with her sleeping schedule, the first flight she whined and cried most of it - moving around trying to get in the aisle. The second flight (after pooping her pants) was finally able to crash and she slept the rest of the flight.

Once we landed we got our bags and Tim picked us up at the curb - you should have seen him jump out of the van and grab the kids.... don't worry he grabbed me, too (I think he actually missed us)! This trip (the first half) was the longest that Tim and I had gone not talking to one another since we started dating - 8 years ago!!! We've set a new record - 4 days!

I'll say it again --- It's good to be home!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Vacation Update Part 5: Adventure Day in DC

This morning we decided to head back to DC and try to get to the Zoo. We were planning on going yesterday, but due to the all-day forecast for rain we decided against it. This morning there was a prediction for thunderstorms starting at 3pm so we decided to head out and see what we could get done before the rain came.

Our first stop was the White House so that we could get some more pictures. Plus this time Uncle Mitchell was with which made it even more special (especially considering today is Uncle Mitch's Birthday!!)

From the White House the plan was to catch the red line rail to the National Zoo. The weather was supposed to be cooler today but it was SUPER HUMID. The heat wasn't that bad, I certainly was sweating but the humidity was much worse, I literally felt like it was condensating on my skin.... just rolling off. Alana said she felt like a snowman in summer.

When we got off at the stop for the zoo we realized it was drizzling a little bit, but to be honest, the drizzle was a cool welcome to the humidity, so we decided to keep going the 1/2 mile track to the zoo. We weren't walking 3 minutes before Skye said "this isn't that bad" and as soon as she said it, the rain picked up a little bit.... still not bad... but enough to give Skye a hard time. Soon after that, however, the rain REALLY started coming!! By the time we realized that we couldn't go on any further, we were already soaked (it was coming down that fast!!) Treyton immediately started crying because his pants and feet were soaked. I tried to put him into the stroller with Lexie but he was too upset and it just wasn't working out so I grabbed Lexie and put Treyton in the stroller headed back to the red rail. Uncle Mitchell pushed Treyton (with no umbrella) and I carried Lexie, and the group headed back.... Lexie smiling and waving at everyone we passed.... Treyton crying the entire way.

Needless to say we were all SOAKED to the bone by the time we got back to the Metro station. Treyton still crying.

Uncle Mitchell said it best when he said "We gave it out best shot. It started sprinkling a little bit and we said 'let's go for it' it started to pour we were still like 'let's go for it', then the monsoon hit and Treyton was like 'no sir, no'"

All in all - it's a birthday Mitchell won't soon forget!

Right now while I type this Mitchell and Treyton are in the kitchen making his birthday cake (at Mitchell's request), so the night ends on a high-note!!

As you can see from this picture even, it was so humid the camera was fogging up pretty bad - but this is me and the kids in front of the White House

This is me, trying to put Treyton for bed the other night, and him insisting on "licking me all over" I was laughing so hard Skye ran in and took a picture....

This is just a picture of my kids I would label "typical" --- Treyton jumping on the bed, Lexie knocking things over to climb up on them.... yes, feel free to pray for me when you think of it!!

Uncle Mitch and Aunt Nana in front of the White House

Auntie Skye and Lexie.... finally getting along (for real)

Just me in front of the White House

The Sisters and the kids in front of the White House

Walking in the rain (me and Treyton)

Soaked to the bone, on the way home (on the rail)

In all seriousness, it was a great day, a little wet, but a memory we won't soon forget.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Vacation Update Part 4: First Day in DC

We just got back from our first day in Washington DC.

Instead of doing one of the tour buses which was going to run us about $42, we decided to drive about half-way to DC (because of the terrible traffic) and take the metro rail into DC. The all-day rail pass was only $8.

Our first stop was the White House, from there we went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. We saw a few other sites along the way, but those were the ones on "our list".

The pictures I posted are a little out of order, but I will do my best to explain them too you!!

Skye, Treyton, Alexa and I in front of the White House

Up Close and personal at the White House

Alexa napping and Nana supervising at the World War 2 Memorial

Around the WWII Memorial there are columns with the names of each of the states, we took pictures with Wisconsin, Virginia and Louisiana.

After Alexa's nap, she was aroused enough to get a picture in front of the Lincoln Memorial

Treyton with Abraham Lincoln Statue

Me with the Wisconsin Column
Treyton next to the Washington Monument

I've been wanting to take this picture FOREVER --- had to have a little fun with it :)

I was surprised by how many big parks there were - there were so many beautiful trees we stopped and took a few pictures of one of our favorites.

It's like I'm a senior in High school again!

Treyton and I playing in one of the parks on the way to the Washington Monument - we also had to stop and play duck, duck, goose

ANOTHER fun park

Nana and Lexie in front of the White House

Walking, walking and more walking

More fun with the Washington Monument

And one with Auntie Skye, too

Our favorite tree again

We plan on going back tomorrow, probably to the National Zoo. We have a few other stops we are considering but we'll have to see how far we get.

This was such a fun and memorable day --- I think mostly for Skye and I (we were pretty psyched) but even Treyton had fun, however, by the end of the day he told me "No more pictures, mom, I'm all done."

Monday, June 15, 2009

Heard from Tim

I just heard from Tim for the first time since Thursday. He is safe and sound and on dry land. He said it was awesome. They did not tip a canoe (which is great news), however Tim managed to somehow fall out.... go figure :)
We didn't talk long because he is still up north and the reception is hit or miss. I expect to hear from him again in the next couple of hours.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation Update Part 3: Hanging out at Home

Today we hung out around the apartment which was very relaxing and fun. The pool opened at 11:00, so after Uncle Mitchell made us spider man macaroni n' cheese, we headed down.

The water was so refreshing - Aunt Nana helped tons with the kids, especially Lexie, feeding her while mom and Auntie Skye "soaked in some rays". Uncle Mitch spent most his time in the pool with Treyton, who like Lexie has really taken a likin' to Uncle Mitch.

The pool was 3.5 feet deep, but Treyton had his floaties and had no problem floating around and jumping in and out to Mitchell.

Day 3 and Lexie is finally letting Auntie Skye touch and look at her without crying :)

Such a special bond between Lexie and Uncle Mitch.

...and Treyton and Uncle Mitch

Lexie swam until 1:00 and came back with mom and Aunt Nana for a nap, Treyton made it until 2:00. After swimming it was group nap-time.

After we woke up we got showered and dressed to go out for our seafood dinner at Tim's Rivershore. I was the most adventurous (as usual... ha ha) and got the whole crabs - I got 6 medium crabs. I remember this as a kid in Louisiana with my Momo Rosie and Papa GG but haven't had any since then, the waitress gave me a quick refreshment course and I was off.

..... 30 minutes later....

.... I looked like this....

This is the group (minus me of course) at the dock with the restaurant behind us. It was a really fun place. It actually reminded me of the bar and grill I used to work at in college.... good times.

After we got home I did some laundry, Lexie helped and was mostly just trying to wear my clothes... I cannot believe how different she is than Treyton at this age. She is already trying to put on her own clothes, necklaces, bunny ears, etc. It's a fun thing to watch her learn. Treyton at this age had no desire, in fact he was probably 3 before he could even think about dressing himself.

This week Lexie has really taken off on the walking, especially today, she has hardly crawled, mostly just walking, she still falls alot but it doesn't seem to discourage her, she just gets back up and keeps walking.

Treyton has really missed daddy these last few days, especially their nightly wrestling matches, no worries though, mom and Auntie Skye have stepped up to the challenge.... well mom has, as you can tell Auntie Skye is no match for "mean tiger Treyton".

Tomorrow is more time at the apartment and then two jam-packed days in DC.