Thursday, June 11, 2009

Cleaning off the Camera

Before our trip I wanted to clean off the camera so that I could take HUNDREDS of photos (like I always do). I had a few cute ones so of course I had to share :) Most of them are taken from today, amidst all of the cleaning and packing, the kids and I took a little time to enjoy the nice weather outside.

Treyton, visiting Cousin Trent's site, celebrating his life on his birthday. 6/1/09

Lexie after eating a chocolate covered strawberry... so much for the no sugar before 1 rule (who makes up these rules anyway?) 6/6/09

Lexie, playing with the "famous dump truck" this is her favorite outside toy, she loves to walk it around but today she really took it for a spin....
That little dot is her all the way across the yard!! Need I tell you she's a little independent?

Bubbles.... there's just something magical about them.... and the kids like them too :)

Our little dump truck driver

Hey mom, don't forget about me, look I got a big bubble wand.

Lexie knocked over the truck and was working hard to turn it right side up.... she's pretty strong. She seriously got it on her own, though she made a lot of noise while doing it. (She has a little bit of a temper and instead of helping mom was taking pictures... priorities right?)


For His Glory said...

Thanks for sharing. The pics were really cute. Lexie is getting so big!
Have fun on your trip!!!!
Love you, Jaime

Alexis said...

My grandchildren are just SOOOO cute aren't they - must take after their grandmothers!!!!!