Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lexie's First Pair of Shoes

As most of you know, Lexie has been walking exclusively for the past two weeks, so we finally decided it was time to get her the proper equipment!

Tonight we went to Target and got Lexie her first pair of shoes. I was a little worried that she would stop walking or have a hard time adjusting - but she didn't - AT ALL! In fact, she instantly wanted to walk around in them, so we let her walk around the entire store for the rest of the shopping trip (by the end she was certainly tired, but) she enjoyed herself!

When I was getting her dressed for bed, I took them off, she grabbed them and tried to put them back on... seems as though she's going to be like her Auntie Autumn (all about the shoes!!!)

It was so surreal having two kids follow us around the store --- I can't believe how fast this is going!! I also can't believe what a true princess she really is - she loves getting dressed, she loves necklaces, shoes, purses, you name it - if it's an accessory, she's all about it!!

She looks like she is walking o carefully here, but she's actually about to bend down and pick up the camera cap :)

Here she is, our busy walker!!

And this one is just extra, it was just too cute to pass up --- Lexie is learning how to kiss!!


amyb said...

Love the shoes! Grace is the same way with shoes and such. I sometimes feel a little guilty that she has way more footwear options than the boys. Last time we were at Target she was pulling every pink or Hello Kitty shoe off the rack and trying to put them on-so cute, yet a little frustrating!

Lyryn said...

Those shoes are so cute and the last picture… scan-da-lous! Too funny! :)

Alexis said...

Way too cute! Keep up the good work of keeping us up to date as we all need a few smiles and warm fuzzies in our day!!!!!

Tami Jo said...


Skye said...

How do you live with these kids - they are too cute!