Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The New Princess in Town

In my family I always considered myself the apple of my boys eyes, and a true princess at heart, but these past few weeks I have come to realize - there is a new princess in town that I must share the position with!! I could tell you I knew it from the beginning (because I said that I did) but in reality I don't think I really did. At 11 months old, Lexie has shown that she not only is worthy of the title, but that she is fully capable of handling the privileges and responsibility that goes with it!!

She has become quite the little daddy's girl in the past couple of months. Tim and Alexa have a bond that is beyond anything that I have ever seen before and something, though I prayed for, shocked me. Maybe because it was something I missed out on, I don't really know. For some reason it wasn't as shocking to me when Tim and Treyton developed their relationship and that special male bonding thing, but with Alexa.... it was.... strange, but totally awesome!!

Treyton and Alexa are.... indescribable, again, maybe it's because I didn't have an older brother I never truly understood the "real" relationship that comes with it. While Treyton is what I always thought a big brother would be like - a protector, teaser and playmate. He's so much more. He really is a "little daddy" to her - I've heard of "little mommy's" before but to see the desire in Treyton to not only help with Lexie (feeding, bathing, diaper changes) but also discipline, moral compass, and rival.... is different than anything I've seem before. They are an interesting pair those two. They are very similar but are almost always opposites - when Treyton is cuddle Lexie isn't when Lexie is wanting Treyton's attention he is distracted.... but then there are those moments, when they are on the same page and it's.... indescribably beautiful to see. Treyton is able to make Lexie laugh easier than anyone else and Lexie has revealed a place in a Treyton's heart that I didn't know existed. It really is as though they complete each other (at this time), I just hope they realize one day how lucky they are to have one another.

Physically Alexa has continued to develop and surpass my expectations - she has started to stand completely on her own. She still prefers to use the couch but doesn't need to, so if she is in the middle of the room she just stands up. She takes two-to-three steps at a time, but still prefers to hold your hand or onto a toy. The other day she clearly took 5 steps to Tim and then quickly sat down!

She loves to wave - it's her favorite, for sure - she waves "hi", she waves "bye", she waves to let you know she loves you, and that she's still around. She's a laugher and a smiler - unlike Treyton's more serious approach to life at this age - Lexie isn't as analytical but more friendly and fun. While Treyton had to figure out how things worked, Lexie is more content just getting her hands on it (usually to eat it). She EATS EVERYTHING!! I am too ashamed to even admit some of the things I have pulled out of her mouth, so for now I will just let you know that it is gross and down-right shameful, not something a "lady" should be doing, and we are "working on it"! :)

She likes to clap - she turns on her music on her farm toy, and will sit there rocking and clapping - what she really likes it to take your hand between hers and clap with you (I think because it makes more noise). She loves music - when I try to listen to my sermons in the car with her she jabbers and makes alot of noise... as soon as I turn on the music she is fine. She has already started to "sing" along in the car with Treyton and I and anytime we put worship music on at the house and sing, her right hand always goes up in the air in worship... it's awesome!

People are attracted to Lexie, I love it. She smiles at people and is just so content waving and flirting with them. She has this thing where she cocks her head to the side and puts her hand up by her cheek... seriously, adorable.
There is a nursery worker (a young girl) at church that when she sees Lexie coming or even in the halls will say "Hi Lexie!!" "Can I hold her?" or "I'll take her, I'll take her!!" She often claims Lexie for herself even before we get her to the door!

I want to leave you with a few pictures of the "old princess" and the "new princess" (thank you Tami for this idea) I am humbled and thrilled to have the privilege to hand over and share my title to a much more qualified candidate than I. I am happy to take this opportunity to focus more of my time energy as overseer and trainer of the new generation of royalty, paying special attention to the training and disciplship that we all know a good royal heir must have. Though I maintain my royal bloodline (as that cannot be taken) I now transition to a more crucial hands-on role and leave the limelight behind.... please pray for me.... this should be interesting :)

Cruising in the Cadillac --- take 1
August 2007

Cruising in the cadillac --- take 2
May 2009

The Clown and Princess -- take 1
July 2009 (I'm pregnant with Lexie here)

The Clown and Princess --- take 2
May 2009

As you can see in just these two pictures, Lexie has what it takes to be not only a princess but the apple-of-my-boys-eyes, and I am confident she will learn to handle her role with the respect and humility needed to fulfill it well.


Tara said...

What a cute story!

Mommer said...

I'm proud to say they are my Grandchilren! You are doing an awesome job raising and building them up.

Alexis said...

As you prepare to pass your crown on to the next generation - just remember you will always be my "little princess". Hope you enjoy your role as reigning queen as much as you did the princess one.

For His Glory said...

I love the pics idea. It is a joy to have a daughter!

Skye said...

Thank you so much for sharing those pictures it was a perfect example of the new princess taking her crown!!

She is alittle princess isnt she - I LOVE watching her turn to her own!

I am interested to see your adjustment of this new role - I think there will be some funny moments you will be sharing with us if you are willing to admit when your daughter out princesses you - LOL

Love you