Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Providence of God

"Coincidences are miracles in which God chooses to remain anonymous"
(taken from the Beth Moore Esther Study)

When God is trying to get a message through to me, I sometimes hear it over and over and over again. This is one of those lessons. Whether it's as small as a coincidence or as large as a miracle, God's providence is real and it isn't usually what you're expecting!!

I had a passage from the Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary written in my journal, and then last night at the Beth Moore study, she read the exact same passage on God's Providence "He [God] attends not only to apparently momentous events and people but also to those that seem both mundane and trivial.... Indeed so all encompassing is God's attention to events within creation that NOTHING -not even the casting of lots - HAPPENS BY CHANCE."

Thank you Lord for the grace to continue to teach me, even when I doubt your voice, you are so faithful. Lord, I pray that I never lose my thirst for you and what you have to show me.

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