Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Family Videos

This is a video of Lexie standing and walking, notice Treyton in the background... what an animal!!

This is Treyton from Monday night after we got home from Waupaca, he was very tired and ready for bed so he started acting a little goofy... his new saying lately has been "Oh My Word!!"


Tami Jo said...

Oh my word...I have tears in my eyes. When did our baby Lexie so big? She is such a beautiful princess!

Skye said...

She did just get right up and walk didnt she???!!!? She will be like Jaden she knows how to walk but prefers not to do it then one day you she will wake up and walk from that moment on.

Treyton is talking soooo good - He is the most precious thing!!

Oh I miss them I cant wait to see them

Tana said...

"Oh My Word." has he been hanging out with Aunt Toni lately? I recall her saying that all the time; actually I have to say I picked that phase up from her myself when we went to EU together.