Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vacation Update Part 2: Beach Day

Day 2 of vacation went well. Today we headed down to Virginia Beach. It took us 5 hours to get there (should have taken 3). The traffic here is unlike anything I have ever seen. We stopped on the way in Williamsburg for lunch at a local restaurant there. We weren't disappointed.

Once we got to the beach it was raining for the first hour, we bought some nice 3 dollar umbrellas and soon after that it cleared up and ended up being a nice day. Treyton had a blast jumping around in the ocean, the rest of us didn't get in further than our calves, mostly because we never changed into our suits. I tried to put in Alexa's feet, but she didn't take too kindly to that.

From there we went shopping, walked along the beach and ate on the pier. I also took Treyton on a pirate ride which I now think we could have skipped, it was a little scarier than was let on by the outside or the attendant.... we talked about it and I think he handled the scary parts very maturely.

Treyton handled the day like a champ! We went through a really long tunnel on the way to and from the beach, and he held my hands so that I wouldn't be scared. He also helped with Lexie - as always he was the bestest big brother. Alexa also did well, hardly cried in the car ride (which we ended up driving a total of 8 hours... though it didn't seem that bad), and handled the humidity like a pro (as you can tell by her hair!!) she ate great and stayed hydrated which was the most important thing! To be honest, I think my kids are the funnest kids EVER!

Tomorrow we plan to lay low after such busy days the past two days, we are a little warn out!! Plus, we need a break from all the traffic :) We're thinking of trying out a new church with Alana and Mitchell but we haven't checked it out yet so, you'll have to stay tuned for a confirmation on that. (as I'm sure you will)
Treyton is also really wanting to try out the pool here at Nana and Uncle Mitchell's apartment so if the weather is good we will probably do that tomorrow too - right now we are having a thunderstorm.


Mommer said...

Thanks for the updates on your trip plus bonus before you left. Have a great time.

Alexis said...

Hey keep tabs of what you are doing and what you like and don't like so I can glean from your notes next month.

Glad your trip is going well!