Sunday, June 14, 2009

Vacation Update Part 3: Hanging out at Home

Today we hung out around the apartment which was very relaxing and fun. The pool opened at 11:00, so after Uncle Mitchell made us spider man macaroni n' cheese, we headed down.

The water was so refreshing - Aunt Nana helped tons with the kids, especially Lexie, feeding her while mom and Auntie Skye "soaked in some rays". Uncle Mitch spent most his time in the pool with Treyton, who like Lexie has really taken a likin' to Uncle Mitch.

The pool was 3.5 feet deep, but Treyton had his floaties and had no problem floating around and jumping in and out to Mitchell.

Day 3 and Lexie is finally letting Auntie Skye touch and look at her without crying :)

Such a special bond between Lexie and Uncle Mitch.

...and Treyton and Uncle Mitch

Lexie swam until 1:00 and came back with mom and Aunt Nana for a nap, Treyton made it until 2:00. After swimming it was group nap-time.

After we woke up we got showered and dressed to go out for our seafood dinner at Tim's Rivershore. I was the most adventurous (as usual... ha ha) and got the whole crabs - I got 6 medium crabs. I remember this as a kid in Louisiana with my Momo Rosie and Papa GG but haven't had any since then, the waitress gave me a quick refreshment course and I was off.

..... 30 minutes later....

.... I looked like this....

This is the group (minus me of course) at the dock with the restaurant behind us. It was a really fun place. It actually reminded me of the bar and grill I used to work at in college.... good times.

After we got home I did some laundry, Lexie helped and was mostly just trying to wear my clothes... I cannot believe how different she is than Treyton at this age. She is already trying to put on her own clothes, necklaces, bunny ears, etc. It's a fun thing to watch her learn. Treyton at this age had no desire, in fact he was probably 3 before he could even think about dressing himself.

This week Lexie has really taken off on the walking, especially today, she has hardly crawled, mostly just walking, she still falls alot but it doesn't seem to discourage her, she just gets back up and keeps walking.

Treyton has really missed daddy these last few days, especially their nightly wrestling matches, no worries though, mom and Auntie Skye have stepped up to the challenge.... well mom has, as you can tell Auntie Skye is no match for "mean tiger Treyton".

Tomorrow is more time at the apartment and then two jam-packed days in DC.


For His Glory said...

Looks like lots of fun! Mercea has been dressing herself since 1 1/2 and she picks out her own clothes for the last year. I still help James, but I'm not allowed to be present while Mercea is getting dressed! So be prepared!

tv said...

This comment has nothing to do with this post, though it looks like you are having fun. I remember quite a few posts back you had mentioned something about digital scrapbooking and a site came to mind, but being "old" I could not think of it and I finally found it tonight while bumming around the Web and thought I would relate it to you:
Check it out - it has some pretty CUTE layouts and looks easy to use.

Tana said...

Sometimes, you gotta act like a kid a play with your food. LOL.

Tami Jo said...

Oh are all having such a blast!!! Good for you!!!! Thanks again for all the awesome updates. I can't wait to see ALL the pictures (you are probably up to 129 by now for sure).

Alexis said...

Your smiles touch my heart - Love and miss all of you.